Claudine Giovannoni


Claudine Giovannoni was born shortly before Christmas, in 1959 in Locarno - Switzerland. Since youth, she was enthralled by learning foreign languages and cultures.
She lived and studied in the USA and in the Dominican Republic, she fluently speaks 7 languages and her commitment is to help children and animals in need.

She is, as well, deeply interested in philosophy and theology. All these topics mixed together brought her to travel around the world. She takes inspiration from real life experiences and subconscious ones, transcribing her happenings into novels or poems.

"Annwyn's Secret" (Il segreto degli Annwyn) is her fourth novel, now translated into English, and soon into Portuguese.

There were agreements with the Torino Film Lab for transposition of the novel into a movie.


Author's books

The Annwyns Secret


Chrysalis is an Annwyn, a being of great potential and power whose purpose is the betterment of humankind. In a world ruled by the totalitarian hegemony known as the Unified Power, this task is not easy and everything is not as it seems. Together with her brother Joshua and their mysterious Irish friend Marius, Chrysalis must unravel the mystery of an ancient relic, which could be the key to her purpose in this existence. Her undertaking will be difficult when it is hard to distinguish friend...

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