Crystal Long Ago

The author was simply another lost child without an authentic family, name or age. Today she feels compassion for others, wants to help others transition from lack to abundance. She is sensitive, inspired, understanding and objective. She found comfort and healing in writing and lives to write.

Fawaz Al-Maasarani

In 1961, high school literacy class, the teacher asked his students to write a short story. The teacher liked Fawaz's story very much and asked him to read it to the class. His teacher and students loved it. After high-school, Fawaz had to choose between literacy and less money or engineering and more money. He entered the Faculty of engineering, the world of constructions and then the world of business. Immigrated to Canada in 1996 with a wonderful family, a wife and three children. Several years later he went to live in Beirut a known city for business and literacy.

Saleh Mohammed Al-Mousawi

A picture of the author Saleh Mohammed Al-Mousawi.

Dr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Mousawi born in Kuwait November 1st 1953. He was graduated from Faculty of Science at Kuwait University on 1975 and in 1980 obtained his Ph.D. from Bristol University U.K. on the synthetic organic chemistry. Dr. Al-Mousawi Prof. Elnagdi did work all the time in Kuwait University. He started as assistant professor in the period of 1980-2005 then associate professor till now. Dr. Al-Mousawi published 38 papers in the field of organic chemistry with 195 citations till 2014.

Harriet Alder

A portrait of Harriet Alder.

Harriet has always loved books and enjoys nothing more than a trip to the library or book shop. She has never been able to pass either without stopping to take a look in search of her next good read. Harriet has been writing her own stories for as long as she has been able to hold a pen and wrote The Motives Trilogy, her first completed novel, whilst studying for her GCSE's and later her A-Levels. She has often dreamed that one day she would see her own book on the shelves. Finally it has happened, proving that dreams really can come true.

William J. Allender

Dr William J. Allender is a Forensic Toxicologist and Chartered Chemist (Medicinal Chemistry). He is a qualified expert in drugs, poisons, including pesticides, and alcohol-related matters with over 30 years professional experience. Advises, consults and evaluates matters of forensic concern associated with toxicology of drugs, poisons and alcohol to prosecution, defence and plaintiff lawyers and has provided testimony as an Expert Witness to Courts of law in the states of Australia.

Sammar Ally

A picture of the author Sammar Ally

Sammar Ally was born in Egypt. She and her mother joined her father in England in the early seventies, where she was raised and educated in Westminster, London. She lives in Middlesex with her husband and four lovely children.

Shahab M. Altaf

A picture of author Shahab M. Altaf

The author Shahab Mohd Altaf is at present an Assistant Professor in the department of Islamic Studies at Osmania University. He is an avowed peacenik and believes that we should give peace a chance. He believes that this book will inspire the readers to believe in themselves and make a difference.

Paul G. Anderson

A portrait of Paul G. Anderson.

Paul Anderson lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He is a surgeon who specialises in upper gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgery. Born in Rotorua, New Zealand, his tertiary education began at Waikato University before he went on to further studies in Scotland, California, and South Africa where he completed both a Ph.D. and a medical degree. The passion for writing has latently manifested, thanks to the encouragement and direction of many friends.

Margie Anne

A picture of author Margie Anne

Margie Ann was born in Newcastle 1944 and caught Polio as a child - at the age of 18 months old. Despite this, she has led a full life. She married in 1968 and divorced in 1990, and is very fortunate to have a daughter and two lovely grandsons.

Nature inspires her; she often visits Southend, Sussex, Epping Forest, Broxbourne by the river, the sea or different parks. In these places she feels ‘sensed' to write, mainly sitting in her car. She is also inspired by love for music - piano, cello, and violin - especially Rachmaninov Concerto No. 2.

Robert Appleton

Robert Appleton started work as a fifteen year old apprentice electrician. In his mid twenties he qualified as a secondary Design and Technology teacher with a Bed Honours degree. He eventually ended his thirty year career after teaching in four different comprehensive schools and having had wide experience and management responsibility at department and pastoral level.

He now enjoys the benefits of having taken early retirement and can dedicate more time to reading, walking, cycling watching sport and his favourite pastime; caravanning.

Graham Armstrong

Graham Armstrong was a sales assistant in Ramsgate, Kent. He enjoys writing, watching films and spending quality time with his family. Graham is the youngest of three, and the only son of G

Danielle Arney

A picture of Danielle Arney.

Danielle Arney lives close to an old railway embankment. She has always loved exploring and uncovering hidden treasures. This, in combination with her love of old houses and secrets inspired her to follow her dream to write a book and have it published.

Learn more about her novel Witherstone by a visit to her Facebook page.

David S. C. Arthur

A snapshot of a gene over three centuries from a Highland clothes line to Glasgow business and a Kenyan mission to the starting of a world-wide volunteer support body and the establishment of two different and successful schools. The author was born in Kenya and educated in Scotland.

Nick Ashton-Jones

Nick Ashton-Jones is a farmer, an environmentalist, a writer who cannot help himself, a psycho geographer and historian. He has spent most of his working life in the tropics: in the South Pacific and in Southeast Asia, but mostly in Nigeria which is his second home, if not his first.

Nick was born in Sheffield, has a son who is Swiss, and is based in Derby. He thinks the best bit of Britain is the Isle of Arran, and he shares his life with his partner, David, an artist and illustrator.

Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Anna-Maria Athanasiou is a wife and mother of two, who after many years of creating fantasy stories in her head decided to take the plunge and put one of them onto paper.

She wanted to write a story people could relate to and consequently feel an empathy with her characters. A story that would touch the reader and ultimately make them fall in love. Waiting for Summer Book Two is her second novel.

Frank Aulton

Now retired and living in Spain, Frank Aulton is an ex-coal miner and a qualified dog trainer. He is the founder of Aldridge Dog Training Club, which is still going strong after 42 years. 
He was told when he was at mining college that one day he would write a book. (He is a late starter!)