Rob Smithson

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Born into post war Britain in 1948 the author spent much of his early life on a tough council estate where regular gang warfare occurred. He had to learn the hard way to run from the scene. His schooling was basic secondary school, leaving as soon as possible at the age of 16 despite pressures from the tutors and family who saw his potential.

Entering into sales in real estate with a reputation of being able to sell ice cream to Eskimos he had many successful years working with people from all walks of life.

D. Turner

‘D. Turner' is the pseudonymous pen name of two lovers, who wish to remain anonymous. Once lovers in the real world, they found one another again on the internet. It is there that they became ‘cyber lovers' and created their own little world in a cyber bubble... A world that is so real to them... From this world came the creation of this, their debut book... Feel and taste their love and emotions as you read.

Cheryl Baily Clarke

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Cheryl had always wanted to write, so when her two children left home to pursue their own careers and with their encouragement, that's exactly what she did! After many years of living abroad, Cheryl has now moved back to the UK and is working on her second book.

Brian Pemberton

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Brian P Pemberton was born in England, North London, in 1946. He is now retired, living in Portugal with six cats that adopted him when they were kittens. Brian has always written and is busy writing a further five stories to finish the series.

A. S. Bhalla

Dr AS Bhalla (MA Cantab; Ph.D Manchester) is a former Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK. His recent publications include the Royal Tombs of India: 13th to 18th Century (Mapin, 2009); and Poverty and Exclusion of Minorities in China and India (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Norah and Vic Steele

Norah was born Norah Florence Davies in 1916. She married Edgar Richard Coe (Dick) from which union there were 5 grandchildren. These were Martin, Andrew, Daniel, Joanne and Melanie. Dick died in 1970 and Norah later remarried Victor Steele. Vic had one grandson Timothy. You will see that the book is dedicated to those 6 grandchildren.

Graeme Richard Smith

Graeme Smith is an accomplished exponent of Kenpo karate and is a Fourth Degree Black Belt. He is fascinated by the Bronze Age and has found many artefacts from this period whilst metal detecting. His other interests include collecting knapped flints, dog walking and meditation.

He currently works for the NHS.

Karen Thodsen

Karen Thodsen was a primary school teacher for many years, specialising in teaching children with reading and writing difficulties. She is taking a break from teaching to pursue other interests, garden design and travelling.