10 Top Tips To Help Beginner Writers Get Started – A Guest Post From Rachel Summers

As an aspiring writer, it can feel rather intimidating getting started. After all, there's so many writers out there, how can you get noticed? It's easier than you'd think. Here are some top tips to help you start out on your writing journey, and start flexing those creative muscles.

1. Read as much as you can

A Brush with Chaos book cover

Just what was the motivation to write my first novel at the age of 70, well it isn't because I’m a pensioner who doesn’t have anything else to do. It was more to do with it being deliberately autobiographical so that my children, grand children, my relations would remember me when I was dead and gone.

Halloween 2017

The scariest, deadly and spooky night of the year is finally here. Halloween aka Allhalloween is celebrated in number of countries on 31st October. People wearing wicked costumes and pumpkin lanterns will be peering out from homes to celebrate this night.

The touch of modern twist has shaped this ancient tradition into a fun filled party night. Now it is getting hold in various countries across the globe such as UK, USA, Japan and Germany etc. In our article we have capsuled various fun facts along with Halloween history to make your night ghoulishly delightful.

Q&A with Fiona J. Roberts – Author of Ebb & Flow and Just Des(s)erts

We caught up with Fiona J. Roberts, author of 'Ebb and Flow' and 'Just Des(s)erts', to discuss her process as an author, why the interest in mystery novels and what is her motivation to keep writing books.


When did you first discover that you loved to write?

Happily ever after?

We’re hoping that we can, with this post, help put some minds to rest. Now, before anyone starts to hover angrily over their keyboard about to write a response, please, we simply beg that you start looking at us with an open mind.

Here are some common misconceptions, followed by our responses. We have tidied up the language used by some people...

Where do you have offices? Are you working in a virtual office?

Five Minutes with George Roberts - 'My experience as an author so far'

George Roberts shares his experience as an author, his writing process and the truth behind his 5* YA book, 'From Ten Down To Three'. 

Dyslexia and becoming an author

If you’re dyslexic, then you, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Henry Winkler and Orlando Bloom can all officially high-five each other.

Before the first dictionary was written by Samuel Johnson, nobody was dyslexic, there wasn’t such a word. In fact, we spelt rather imaginatively.
Shakespeare hardly spelt the same word twice and a lot of his work, apparently, was written down for him.


STOP EVERYTHING!... Well, keep writing.

Here at Austin Macauley, we’re widely known as Hybrid Publisher.
This means we offer both Traditional and Contributory (or Partnership, as it’s sometimes known) contracts and while we would LOVE to be able to offer everyone a Traditional contract, it’s not always possible.

"Basically a Children's book with a bit of Horror...and some Poetry thrown in" - Why Choosing the right Genre is Essential
"Basically a Children's book with a bit of Horror...and some Poetry thrown in" - Why Choosing the right Genre is Essential
Life's Literary Milestones

Life's Literary Milestones - Books to take you through the roller-coaster than is life.

Q&A with Jillian Manning - Contributing Editor for 'Independent Publisher'

We recently caught up with the lovely Jillian Manning for a quick Q&A about the fabulous world of book publishing.

Lee Kenneth Prior Discusses All Things 'Bookish'

Lee Kenneth Prior, author of 'Sepulchre: Shadow of the Siren', discusses all things 'bookish'

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