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24 Oct 18:30

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of tea with a book talk going on and by the end of it the author signs it for you as well. Sounds like a dream evening right? Well, join for a serene experience at evening talk in Conservatory Tearoom.

Harry J Tomkinson is a historic author working with the Missing Princes Project & Phillippa Langley. His talk will be about the Princes in the Tower myths & facts and the links with the Grey family. He will also give a reading from his new book "Treachery at Bosworth Field 1485", his books will be available to buy on the night as well.

Born in Staffordshire and spending some time growing up in West Yorkshire, the author had a very varied and interesting childhood. He had always had a keen interest in theatre and film and on leaving school worked for Moss Empires then went on to work for The J Arthur Rank Organization. He is a very enthusiastic and passionate historian and a dedicated Richardian of many years standing and has a book about the matter now.

Event Address: 
The Conservatory Tearoom, Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire LE6 0HE

25 Oct 14:00

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is one of the UK's most common life-threatening diseases, affecting over 10,000 people. There's currently no cure. Not all that long ago, a CF diagnosis meant an early death. Tim Wotton is one such sufferer, who was told from an early age that he would not live beyond his 17th birthday. One of the oldest survivors of this crippling disease, How Have I Cheated Death? is a diary of his 39th year, a countdown to the illusive 40.

A story of triumph over adversity, this compelling chronicle, the first book written by a CF sufferer at 40, offers hope and inspiration, demonstrating what cannot be cured needs to be endured. Written with great honesty and humour with an enlightening Foreword by the actress Jenny Agutter, this profound account is a testament to the daily dedication required to deal with CF and recently diagnosed diabetes while managing a normal family life.

Join John at the Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival. Hear John talk of life living with CF and his book 'How Have I Cheated Death?'. 

To find out more about the event and how you can get tickets, click here



Event Address: 
The Beacon Portway, Wantage, OX12 9BX

26 Oct 18:00

Join Brian bird at the Waterstones as he signs the books to the readers and visitors at the book retailer. 

Brian Bird has spent most of his working life as an electrical test engineer, before deciding to become an author. He came up with the story of Haley-Ann the Alien whilst up a ladder and started to type the book on his mobile phone. He is married with two children and for many years has written funny rhymes for his own children's entertainment, before deciding to write stories for others to enjoy.

Do you believe in UFOs and Haley-Anns? From far beyond, in deepest space, Haley-Ann the alien, lived in a lonely place. This gave her an idea to go in search of a friend. Upon finding planet Earth, she decides to descend. Humphrey appears just as the morning sun rises, who soon discovers that Haley-Ann is full of surprises!  

Event Address: 
Waterstones Warrington, 22 Golden Square Shopping Centre, Golden Square, Warrington WA1 1QP

27 Oct 9:00

They say some are born dog people. And some become. While pets are the perfect companion, dogs are a man’s best friend.


So, what are your plans for the day? For Barney, it’s mostly chasing his own tail and running around the garden once he’s tired chasing his tail. The Westie crossed Cairn terrier is full of life with a distinct personality and character. Join Devonshire’s author, Richard Bloss, alongside the champ himself as he shares about his adventures with Barney at an assembly and workshop regarding his book, 'About a Dog'.


The book takes you through the journey of owning a dog, as well as Barney’s relationship with Boh the cat, his desperate need for chewsticks, love for walks and his fears, while exploring the next-door neighbour’s garden.


Event Address: 
Bilton Primary School, School Lane, Hull, HU11 4EG

28 Oct 10:00

Richard Bloss, author of 'About a Dog', will be at Waterstones Hull with the main man himself, Barney the dog, on Saturday 28th October from 10am. 

‘Barney the dog is a Westie crossed with a Cairn terrier.' More than that, Barney is, for Richard Bloss, ‘...a dishevelled scrap with his own distinct personality and character.'

In 'About a Dog' Richard Bloss describes the adventure of owning a dog: the relationship with Boh the cat, the desperate need for chewsticks, the joy of walkies and the fear when cute little Barney goes walkies all on his own in next door's garden. 

Delightfully illustrated and written with charming comedy, 'About a Dog' will be familiar territory for dog lovers; showing the trials and tribulations - but more importantly, the joy - of owning a rapid-moving, sentient ball of fur.

Event Address: 
Grand Buildings, Jameson St, Hull HU1 3JX

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