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2 Mar 14:00

Roger Parkes, will do a reading from his book ‘The Phoenix Project’, at the Coventry Community Library. The literary fans will get an opportunity to meet the author and hear him read an excerpt from the book, filled with thrills and mysteries.

The book dives deeply into the turbulent 1960s when the British government is dealing with a real threat from communism. The very way of British life is under fire and something must be done to deal with the problem. The danger from the Soviets requires an experienced hand and the powers that be turn to Polly Bottomley, for a solution. She knows her way around the conspiracy filled world but her life would be put in more danger than ever before.

Parkes, a Coventry native, will take you on a whirlwind ride so don’t miss this event!

Event Address: 
Coventry Community Library

6 Mar 19:30

Join author, Patricia Bromley, on book event of ‘Four Decades of Lies, Deceit, Corruption and Murder’ at the Walkley Community Library in Sheffield England, to satisfy your appetite for murders, clues and mysteries that tickle your mind.

Patricia, grew up in Sheffield as part of a large family. She is the middle child of 8 siblings and became one of the youngest Magistrates in the country in the mid 80's.

She has written a wonderful book that promises thrill, murder and mystery. The book intertwines the lives of different people and opens a story of lies, deceit and death. It all begins when Susan returns home and finds her husband dead, but an apparent suicide, has much more to reveal. How these happenings are spanning over four decades? Who is behind this murder? 

Be sure not to miss the event and get a chance to meet the author.

Event Address: 
Walkley Community Library

17 Mar 9:00

Annabelle Knight will be at ErotiCon next March talking about The Erotica Effect – Exploring the Modern Dimensions of The Erotica Genre. Eroticon conference was launched in 2012 to give erotic writers and bloggers the tools to hone their craft in a collaborative environment. 


Knight is a sex and relationship expert. She's appeared on many television programs and is featured regularly in magazines and newspapers and can often be found offering sex advice and discussing hot topics. Annabelle has recently written her debut novel, 'The Endless Autumn'. This is a sizzling, steamy and sexually sinister story of how a girl next door, unwittingly – but perhaps not unwillingly – explores the fringes of desire and release. It is an irresistible romance novel bound to make any reader hot under the collar. She will be signing copies of her book at the event. 


People can buy tickets from the website now from here 

Event Address: 

19 Mar 16:00

Sue Batten will be in Cultural Community Solutions, Shirley Library, to read from her wonderful book ‘Colin and Carrie Stories’. The event will be a part of the ‘Book Buddies’ group that is for children ages 7 and under.

The author will tell the tale of Colin the car who is worried about the new purchase that his family is about to make. A caravan named Carrie joins them and Colin doesn’t know who he will lug her around.

But his worries dissipate when he meets Carrie, who is not at all like he imagined.

So begins the adventures they embark on, along with their family.

Sue has poured her imagination into this children’s story and her experience of travelling inside her family’s caravan also played an important role.

These imaginative tales came about when the author was trying to entertain her kids on their holidays.

Event Address: 
Cultural Community Solutions, Shirley Library, Wickham Road, Hartland Way, Shirley

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