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8 May 10:30

Digital Pursuit continues the story of criminal Tim Ridgway, first encountered in Following Digital Footprints. Tim has now been sentenced to ten years for his credit card and identity theft crimes and is taken to HMP Dinas Bay in Wales to serve his sentence. This is another enjoyable book from David McCaddon, in which the reader can become re-acquainted with old friends from Midshire Police and follow the threads of the plot which twist and turn in a satisfying manner.
Event Address: 
Polish Social Club, Northwich, CW9 8AT

8 May 19:00

Michael Pawlowski, after graduating from the University of Toronto, served the community in the insurance and legal professions. His memberships have included the Canadian Authors' Association, Brave New Works, Niagara Historical Society, Insurance Institute, Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario, and the Law Society of Upper Canada. The obligation to tell ‘the rest of the story' has motivated his all of his literary endeavours.

Michael is absolutely delighted with the publication of his novel: Cassino, Conquest of the Mountain.

Join him as he reads and presents his book Cassino, Conquest of the Mountain. The book is about the unfolding events on the 1st of September 1939 that will change lives forever. For on this date, the Nazis invaded Poland - entire families would be erased and the country itself would disappear for decades.

Cassino, Conquest of the Mountain will be a sought after read especially for those concerned with the Polish experience of World War II.

Event Address: 
Westdale Library, 955 King St West, Hamilton, Ontario

11 May 18:00

In May, the author of ‘A British War Dance’, Lee Wilmore, will be at the Waterstones Birmingham, 24-26 High Street, Birmingham. It will be your chance to meet the author and get your copy of the book signed.
Lee Willmore takes readers to the most turbulent time of the 20th century, so they can immerse themselves in the life of James Ashfield.
The young man who went to Germany to fight in WW2 alongside his brother.
Fortunately, he makes it back home from war.

Unfortunately, he brought all the horrors and memories back with him. The struggle to readjust is very real for him but he receives an opportunity that will make it all easier for him.
But it won’t be that easy, as James finds out.
Lee hails from West Midlands and is now settled in Kent. His interest in the war time era is what prompted him to put pen to paper.

Event Address: 
Waterstones Birmingham, 24-26 High Street, Birmingham B4 7SL

12 May 0:00

Visit the stall hosted by Tara Ingham, author of ‘Once I Rise’, at the Gladstone Pop Con in Queensland. The event takes place in May.


Visit the realm where the victims of unjust deaths are gathered and revenants roam to help them.

These revenants can travel to the real world and back. Jonathan is a revenant and he meets Jane Doe one day and he tries to find a way to help her.

The biggest hurdle is that she doesn’t remember anything about her previous life and how he ended up being the victim.


He has to find a way to learn her story and find the justice that she deserves.

From the age of fourteen, Tara has been writing stories and creating strange worlds.  To feed her passion, she got a degree in Creative Writing and Literature.

Event Address: 
Gladstone Pop Con, Gladstone, Queensland

12 May 0:00

Author of ‘The Lost Hat (Book 1 of the Kitty Katz Club Series)’, Sarah Milne, will attend the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival in May.

The first book in the series tells the story of Kitty Kat. She is off for a picnic at the Primrose Park when she comes upon a lost hat.

She takes it upon herself to return the hat to its original owner.

She runs into fun characters along the way. She continues on until she finds the owner and returns the hat.

There are songs and dances in the book that will keep children entertained for a long time.

Sarah is a multi-talented individual with a BA in Dance and Musical Theatre.

The Kitty Katz Club is her original creation and it was founded in her own Performing Arts School classes. Over 600 children a week learning in the program.

Event Address: 
Barnes Children's Literature Festival

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