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28 Oct 10:30

Awarded gold and silver stars for his writing at school, Brian Kevin Porter comes from a family of twelve he had no choice but to go straight into factory work when leaving school. It wasn't until the year 2000 that he decided to write a column for the local newspaper due to factory closure from which he won a silver pen. He enjoyed it so much he decided to continue writing.

When James Bradley offers Mr Perkins a new job with accommodation thrown in Mr Perkins has no qualms in accepting the offer. But the accommodation is not a patch on their modern home in Empress Drive, Manchester; it's a lonely three storey high Victorian semi with next door boarded up in a run-down street. Strange things are happening in the bedroom. First the tapping and then the voice; who is the boy in the wall? In a thrilling adventure author Brian Porter takes the reader into a malevolent world. Come in for a thrilling read by the author himself.



Event Address: 
Sutton-In-Ashfield Library, Nottinghamshire

28 Oct 11:00

Now who doesn't love a book on revenge? Because Eddie will doing the reading and signing of his book "Ordinarily Unthinkable" as part of SouthCart Books annual Halloween ‘Scarefest’ event. This is the fourth year for the event and like every year this time will be just as exciting or probably even more.


Eddie’s book will make you laugh, it’ll make you grim and almost release a few tears. A book the reader can relate and believe in. "Ordinarily Unthinkable", is an extraordinarily fantastic thriller with many twists and turns. It will keep you captivated and the description of events are very realistic as if you’re living in the event. It will keep you hooked and you will find yourself thinking about it every now and then.


It’ll leave you wanting for more and will be impossible to put the book down. The story that makes you smile, make you winch and almost feel the pain of the characters. The novel seamlessly guides you from humour to sadness, kindness and also all out empathy for the lead character. Get ready to awaken your appetite for reading once again.

Event Address: 
Southcart Books, 53b Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, WS1 1RJ

28 Oct 12:00

Robert J. Marsters was taught that hard work is the only way to live, Robert made a career in the retail furniture trade, working his way up from warehouseman to store manager. Always a keen reader, fascinated by fantasy and science fiction, he imagined how wonderful it would be if, when faced with adversity, one could simply wave a magic wand and make it all better.

Join Robert as he signs the copies of the books while narrating how the clouds above darken as the world is on the brink of being torn apart by the sinister and sadistic Karrak Dunbar, who, by cruel fate, is second in line to the throne of Borell. With each passing day Karrak's strength grows as he relentlessly pursues an ancient artefact known as The Elixian Soul, an artefact said in lore to have the power to increase black magic tenfold, the power of which could ultimately render him unstoppable. Only Karrak's older brother Jared stands in his way. He strives with the aid of his mentor, a powerful wizard named Emnor, and an eclectic mix of unexpected alliances, to put an end to Karrak's schemes. Together, they must prevent... The Ascension of Karrak.

Event Address: 
Southcart Books and Comics, WS1 1RJ

31 Oct 14:30

Come celebrate Halloween with Richard Valenga, author of the horror book 'Complex Hell'. Richard will be giving a reading from his book and will be available to answer any of your questions. You might even be able to grab yourself a signed copy. 

'Complex Hell' follows present-day Sunderland - A mysterious manuscript is discovered in the house of an evil spirit, leading the unfortunate reader to a tale of the sixties in North East England; where not everything is not quite as it seems. Forbidden love, loss and a lifetime of pure evil lie in store for whoever dares turn the ageing pages further. In Devils Wood House the memory of the missing girl, Rose, waits desperately. Unfortunately for her time is not on her side. Can her soul be saved or will the child be lost forever?

“Richard Valanga writes about the Afterlife like nobody else today. He's the 21st-century Dante of the North.” – Tony Barrell, The Sunday Times

Event Address: 
City Library Museum and Winter Gardens Burdon Road SR1 1PP

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