‘The Hounds of Diana – The Romulus and Remus Trilogy – Part 1’ receives an Amazon Review


A review of Joseph J. Pitarella’s ‘The Hounds of Diana – The Romulus and Remus Trilogy – Part 1’ said that “[the book] was a good read, I couldn’t put it down.”

The author loves the roman history and in his publication, he brings us its history that not many people know.

Numitor is a diplomat and a good man, his brother Amulius is the opposite. He likes to scheme and plot.

The two brothers are locked in a struggle to become king.

Numitor’s daughter is Rhea Silva, her son will be king someday. But events don’t allow and she has to think about how to protect her twin sons.

The Hounds of Diana, a sect that works to keep the realm safe but there are factions that are trying to undermine it.

Read and see how history unfolded and led to the creation of one of the greatest empires that the world has ever seen.

Joe owned an estate agency and he hails from Bristol. He has an Italian ancestry, which gives him connection to Rome.

He has explored many different regions of the world; hitchhiking in South Africa, living in Canary Islands, Spain and Sweden are the highlights of his life.

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