‘For the Love of Patrick’ Launch Event at Windermere Farm

Dor Slinkard at the launch event

A live band and fine catering greeted guests at the ‘For the Love of Patrick’ launch event in Windermere Farm on 26th of November, 2017. 130 total guests attended the event and got the opportunity to buy the signed copy of Dor Slinkard’s ‘For the Love of Patrick’.

Fans of the book were able to meet the author while enjoying the live music and delectable food.

Dor Slinkard is a former racehorse trainer, a mother of 2, and a grandmother of 5. Her imagination and unique experiences have led her to express herself in the form of beautiful stories. Slinkard was a jillaroo, where she learned to see the world from a unique perspective.

Her experience and imagination combines itself vibrantly in her book ‘For the Love of Patrick’. The story follows a woman named sally smith who travels to Adelaide in search of a new beginning.

She also has a lot of baggage in the form of her past. She meets someone in Adelaide who gives her hope and happiness. But she fears that if her past reveals itself, that happiness may be gone soon.

This intricate story of love, passion, and new beginnings will hook the reader from the first page and they will become a part of Sally’s journey.

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