‘A Sorry Affair’ featured on Fife Today Newspaper

The Cover of 'A Sorry Affair'

A brilliantly told story of love and betrayal, ‘A Sorry Affair’, was featured on the Fife Today Newspaper in January. The author is a true writer at heart and still regrets the days that she listened to some teachers who dissuaded her from studying Art and English.

Kirsten Nairn studied science instead but still returned to her true passion with this story and readers are glad that she made this choice.

She introduces her to Jen and Mack who are a blissful couple with a fairytale life.

They met at university and have been head over heels for each other ever since. Now when they are taking the next step in their relationship, marriage, a huge wrench is thrown in their plans by a woman named Abbi.

What follows Abbi’s arrival is complete chaos in the couple’s life. Jen declares the relationship over and starts the process of selling the house that was to be their home.

Mack is left looking for threads as he has to move back with his parents, a move that doesn’t go over as smoothly as he had hoped.

Enter the lives of these rich characters and experience every twist and turn their lives take as they try to navigate through the impossible situation that they have found themselves in.

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