‘I Don’t Hate Me Anymore’ heartfelt says a reader

I Don’t Hate Me Anymore book cover

Allison Rose Clark’s book is “informative and heartfelt”, says the latest review of the book on Lovely Loveday. ‘I Don’t Hate Me Anymore’ also has a “tone letting you know that other people felt the same way that you do”.

The book goes deep into human psychology and tries to repair damaged self-esteem with the help of tools and encouraging words.

Purpose of the book is to change the way people think about themselves. Whatever their life has thrown at them they can still manage to beat it and come out the other side with their self-confidence intact.

What makes the book so effective is the fact that the author draws upon and shares some of her personal experiences. Throughout the book she gives readers the tools they will need to start valuing themselves. But it is done in such a way that the words strike in the hearts of the readers.

Everyone who thinks that they cannot escape the negative thoughts inside their heads will think differently when they are done reading the book.

Hailing from South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. She has faced many of life’s twists and turns and fought back by putting pen to paper.

Her efforts have produced these inspirational words that will help anyone who requires it.

If you would like to read the complete review, please visit the link: https://lovelyloveday.com/2018/02/14/i-dont-hate-me-anymore-by-allison-rose-clark-review/





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