‘Littlebridge’ made an appearance on the Northern Echo Newspaper

Austin Macauley Robert D. Thomson

Northern Echo Newspaper highlighted Robert D. Thomson’s book ‘Littlebridge’ in an article recently. Article revealed interesting information about the author and his book.

Protagonist of the book is named Peter and he is on a personal quest, to find his birth father.

In his search, he ends up in a village named Littlebridge, where his car breaks down on a little bridge. He spends time in the village and starts get to know the people in the community.

He gets close to an elderly man named Albert, who takes a curious interest in him and invites him to his home but remains suspicious about the young man’s past.

A chain of events follows him as he sticks to his mission to find his father. The community is hit by floods and his involvement in the lives of the village people makes him a part of their struggles.

All the while he is reaching for every thread that could lead him to his ultimate goal.

Robert was born during the World War II in Gateshead.

He was a teacher and built a great career in the profession. He currently resides in Durham with his wife. He has a son and a granddaughter.

His observations of lives around him led him to write this heartfelt tale.

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