The Alternative World of Tara Ingham featured on Redland City Bulletin


Once I Rise’ was the subject of a feature on Redland City Bulletin. Tara Ingham spoke to the publication of her book and the unique idea that led to its creation.

Readers are transported to another world which is filled with people who have died unjustly. A revenant lives in this place and he has a unique ability, he can move between the real world and this one. This gift is utilized in a good way.

He works to find justice for people who have been murdered. He investigates the murders and finds justice for them.

A Jane Doe finds herself in this world and the revenant must work to find what happened to her and why.

The task very difficult as she doesn’t remember anything, not even her name.

Discover this supernatural world and meet revenants, hunters, fishers and many other characters that dwell in this alternate world.

Tara hails from Australia. She has been writing since she was only 14 years old. This love of writing stayed with her when it was time to choose a field of study.

She studied creative writing and literature at university. Writing is her passion and she continues to complete manuscripts.

You can find the complete article here

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