Austin Steven’s Autobiography is now available online and at bookstores

Running wild by Austin Stevens

The famed adventurer, wildlife photographer, film maker and author, Austin Stevens, has finally taken some time to write down his exciting memoir. Austin Macauley is proud to present ‘Running Wild’ – the book is now available on our website, as well as on Amazon, Barnes, Noble and Waterstones.

The author recounts his early days from 70s when he was at the Hartbeespoort Snake and Animal Park to becoming one of the most recognized faces on Animal Planet.

His dangerous encounters are extraordinary to read. He has come across creatures that are right out of human nightmares. There is also humor in the tales mixed with the extraordinary adventures.

Austin also delves into the personal side of his life and how he struggled with the dangers of his profession and a life that he was trying to rebuild. Suffice it to say, there is never a dull moment when you are reading this captivating book.

The author currently resides in Australia with his wife Amy. He is known for hosting hit TV shows like Snakemaster, Austin Stevens Most Dangerous and Austin Stevens Adventures. He has appeared on channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Channel 5 UK.

You can learn about the book here:

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