Author Esther Lawson Talks of Her Anti-Racism Campaigns

Author Esther Lawson Talks of Her Anti-Racism Campaigns

Esther Lawson, author of 'Wogamatter', has shared her experience of racism as a young girl. As a result, Esther has taking it upon herself to raise awareness of the prejudice she faced living in Lincolnshire, UK. 

Esther has taken part in two interviews. One with the Skegness Standard and another with the Lincolnshire Reporter. Within both interviews, Esther describes the terror - being kicked, beaten and called "wog". The articles make way for a heartfelt, emotional read. Esther hopes to help others recognise and understand the how racism is on the rise, contrary to popular belief. 

The Lincolnshire Reporter article can be found here.

The Skegness Standard article can be found here.

Esther has also taken part in an interview with BBC Radio Stoke which you can listen to here.

Listen to Esther's interview, Part 1 and Part 2, on BBC Sussex and Surrey with Danny Pike's radio show Just Talking. 

'Wogamatter' by Esther Lawson is a compelling tale of a small mixed-race girl, growing up in post-war Britain, and her experiences of racism in all its forms from all quarters of society.

A sad story, but one with a real moral at its heart, no reader will fail to be moved by the author's account of her life as a young child and developing teenager.

'Wogamatter' is recounted through the eyes of a child, allowing the reader to feel keenly the bewilderment and confusion of someone persecuted for the way they look.

The early narrative throws the naive optimism of a young child into sharp contrast with the abject misery she is subjected to.

We are born into the Human Race, however there are no guarantees that you will be accepted; to obtain acceptance is a fight against an automatic classification of colour, rendering you as second class to our counterparts. No law in nature demanded any difference, we are all one.

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