Author Samantha Robinson featured in The Sun News

Author Samantha Robinson featured in The Sun News

Author of The New World of Spike and Friends’, has opened up about her experiences and inspirations to write her book.

Samantha is a true Mystic/prophetess and has been since childhood. Her first Supernatural experiences happened when she was about seven years old. Samantha's life has been filled with one supernatural experience after another.

In the interview she explains the first supernatural experience she had at seven years old: “It had woken me up, I heard crying and thought it was a child.

“So I open the bathroom window to my home and saw, what I thought, was a little girl sitting on the curb outside a neighbour’s home. I was shouting out over, ‘hello little girl, why are you crying?’ It was only when this thing looked up I realised it wasn’t a little girl. It was a thing.”

Samantha's Visions and Dreams instructed her to add these Divine messages to this book. In the hope that each reader will take their own personal meaning from the book to their heart. Striking a cord in them for positive change in people and in our world of today.

Read Samantha’s full article here:

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