Calling all parents! Helpful review of Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins

Calling all parents! Helpful reviews of Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins

If you’re looking for a children’s book with learning elements, Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins is colourful, interesting and educational for young children and toddlers.

Creature Teacher, a fun way to teach children how to count to ten and features rhymes and colour illustrations, an ideal book to read together. Becky has published three books and has written several more. Her love for children and animals inspire her to write and inspired her book ‘Creature Teacher’.

Blogger, ‘The Coastal Mummy’ has reviewed the book by reading it to her young daughter and comments on how easy the book was to read, ‘For every number there is a little rhyme, in some ways that helps the book flow easy for children and some children may be able to remember how to count to ten by mesmerizing the short little rhymes. It is a clever little book that could make a big impact on your child’s knowledge!’

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Creature Teacher has also had a further two blog reviews from Lost in a Book Review and Cat and Mouse Reading both praising the easy learning of the book and how it could not only be suitable for parents to purchase, but also primary schools!

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