Charles Zammit’s ‘Reckless’ gets appreciated on Port Stephens Examiner, a weekly newspaper.

Charles Zammit holding his book 'Reckless'

Charles Zammit finally gets rewarded for his perseverance of 40 years. Charles, had been turning his ideas into stories but never wanted them to be published. Until the idea of ‘Reckless’ struck his mind. A thriller, portraying a treacherous journey of a family from Bali, Indonesia, back to Australia.

Jack Miller gets into a foolish act of buying weed in Bali and ends up getting arrested and imprisoned by the members of law enforcement. Distressed and desperate for legal assistance, his parents back home beseech money from the entire family.

Jack’s uncle, L.T. Sullivan Cooper, who is on leave from his tours in Afghanistan, decides to resolve the matter, his way. Accompanied by three dependable and brave fellow army officers and funded with inheritance money, Sulli’s plans are to break Jake out of the Indonesian prison and transport the Miller family, back home.

Their risky operation is challenged at every instance by mishap, errors, evil enemies and lack of preparation. Will the family make it home, safely?

This thriller shows how deadly international adventures can turn out to be.


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