Child dresses up as one of ‘The Creeps’


World Book Day was recently celebrated in the UK. Different events and activities were part of the day. One of these activities was that children dressed up as their favorite character from books. One child dressed up as a character from ‘The Creeps’ by author Amy Beatson.

The kid was very impressed by the story of Eve, Eric and their friend Sam and decided to be one of them for the day.

Plot of the book revolves around an investigation. Eve and Eric are siblings that are on vacation and living with their grandparents.

They hear stories and folklore about the area, particularly about the people who live on the neighboring farm. They get their friend involved and set out to find out how many of the stories are true.

The more they investigate, the more odd and creepy things they discover yet they continue on.

Soon they get to where they want but what they find is completely unexpected.

Filled with mystery and excitement, the book is a great read for adults and kids alike.

Accounts Manager by day and writer by night, Amy is a married mother of three girls. She loves transforming her imaginative ideas into entertaining stories. This is her debut novel.

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