This Christmas season, spread love and happiness with Austin Macauley

This Christmas season, spread love and happiness with Austin Macauley

The most awaited day of the year is here with all its colours, music, decorations, foods, celebrations and precious family time.

As the traditions go on; Austin Macauley Publishers present everyone with entertaining, yet informative, books this season.

Below are our best collection of books for this special occasion that you can enjoy this Christmas with.

Dreamer in the Snows by David Forster:

A five year old girl meets an accident, which is followed by a series of mysterious and life changing events. And later, a lifesaving operation is performed on her by a sailing crew that lands in Lamlash due to harsh weather conditions.

During the operation she dreams of being rescued from the snow by a flying reindeer. Was it a dream or something else? The fact that makes this incident, and book, a lot more magical is that no one is fully aware of Kirsty’s accident. Is there a Samaritan out there, or is it someone we don't really believe in.

A present for Santa by Julie Murray:

As the name suggests, this mesmerizing story encapsulates a strong emotional message.

Every time it is Santa who presents us with wonderful gifts each year, but this time it won’t be the same. All animals gather to discuss Christmas and their gift for Santa. But at the end of the day they discover that friendship, sharing, helping others and thoughtfulness are the most precious gifts.

Join the animals in Santa’s house and see how they spend the best Christmas ever.

The Angel and her Companion by Gina Bains:

A Christmas tale that guarantees to warm your heart.

Angel is very special, as she always wants to help others, and is least concerned of her own problems. In spite of facing troubles of her own, she embarks on a magical journey to help others and bringing smiles on others faces as she starts spreading love.

Read this heart melting tale and see how Angel’s problems get worse, but her determination to help others grows stronger and stronger. Angel has a lot to achieve and missions to accomplish, but without reading the book you won’t get to know whether she succeeds in her noble cause or not.

A Caribbean Christmas by Sarah Symons:

Enjoy the endless splendours of nature as this book takes you to exotic lands and the scenic beauties of the Caribbean.

This travel tale by Sarah Symons, wanders around the Caribbean Sea and takes you to different cultures and tragic histories of these mystic Islands. From Panama Canal to the coast of Guatemala and Costa Rica, and to the glamorous Mexican resort of Acapulco which was once the playground of Hollywood film stars.

Jenny’s special tree by Tony Wells:

The love and affection to keep the Christmas tree forever is the theme of this story.

We do enjoy the festivities on Christmas but the ritual of removing the ornaments from the pine tree turns the joy to sadness. Same is the case with Jenny Rendall, who wants to keep this humble tree with her forever. She finds a way to remain close to the beloved tree forever and plants it in a copse close to their home. At first, the gentle tree feels a bit confused but soon it gets to know other trees and feels at home.

Missed Mothers by Abigail Williams and Eden Humphreys:

Cookeries have always been a tradition during the Christmas, and relishing these cuisines is a different art altogether.

Missed Mothers’ is a cookbook which encloses a number of mouth-watering recipes dedicated specially for the snowy festival. May it be a Christmas pudding, a cake for birthday, a delicious crumble after spicy roast; this book has it all. Each recipe in this book is from a mother who is dearly missed by her children.

The best part about this book is that some portion of the sale would be donated to Breast Cancer Care - a support charity dedicated to helping women and families.

Other books:

We also have a number of other books in our repertoire that are crafted specially for the Christmas season. These include:

Enjoy the literary treat with us this season and as always, we wish you a very happy Christmas.

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