The Crime Writers Association Open the Doors to Author C T Mitchell

C T Mitchell

“I became a self-published mystery author in March 2015” C T Mitchell recalls, now an author of 18 short reads and novels which he self published."The traditional major publishers generally won’t entertain new writers, instead firing off rejection slips at the drop of a hat. Not many people can sustain an onslaught of ‘no’s’ over a long period of time” Mitchell outlined.

But C T Mitchell was used to rejection. Having been a successful real estate salesman over 20 years, he had developed a thick skin to other people’s opinions.

“My response to a no is….. ‘next’. A yes might be just one call or email away” he responds. “In a world of 7 billion people, I’m not letting one single person steal my dreams."

By May 2015, he had uploaded four short reads and was seeing a trend with his mystery thrillers gaining a larger and larger British audience. By the end of May, he had his first #1 book in category on Amazon UK. C T continued to pen more short reads featuring his main character Detective Jack Creed and in July 2015 published his first box set comprising his first four short reads.

The UK pounced on Mitchell’s box set sending it to #1 in category on Amazon UK; a position it kept for approx. 90 days and outselling literary greats like Ann Cleeves, Peter James, Lee Child and Stephen King. The box set also topped the charts on Amazon US as well.

“I downloaded so many screenshots of my success, I could have wallpapered the house” Mitchell laughs.

It was around this time C T became aware of various writer associations around the world. The Crime Writers Association UK was definitely the one he wanted to join after looking at the impressive winners list of the Dagger Awards.

“The who’s who of crime writers were in the CWA. If I was to be a player in the crime writing world, I needed to become a member”. Mitchell shot off his registration details to join this prestigious group. After seven emails between himself and the Association’s Secretary, he was denied entry, despite his success because of how we was not offered a traditional publishing contract.

In a huff, Mitchell stood back up, dusted himself off and continued to write. He attended a few literary events, pitched to agents but once again got the “I’m sorry your work is not part of our fit” story. Undeterred, Mitchell turned out more short reads and novels with another three works hitting #1 in both the UK and Australia. Many more hit Top 10 and Top 100 status.

Then in early 2017, Mitchell saw an advert seeking emerging writers to submit 1000 words to Austin Macauley, a UK publisher. He decided to throw his hat in the ring and continued to produce more work, thinking nothing would come of it.

“While I was enjoying the success of my new famed character in India, an interesting email popped into my inbox. You have received a publishing contract. It was from Austin Macauley” Mitchell recounts: “I almost ripped my laptop apart to get to it. I couldn’t believe it. I was over the moon!”

Mitchell downloaded his contract and quickly read through the terms and conditions. But Austin Macauley had been referred to by some of his associates as a ‘vanity publisher’; a company that takes money from its authors without doing any work. Mitchell was cautious, and so decided to do some research.

Firing off a number of questions to one of Austin Macauley’s sub editors, Kirsty-Ellen, Mitchell received her response within 12 hours that he had been offered a traditional publishing contract and not a partnership agreement.

“After doing a happy dance in my lounge room for about 10 minutes, I quickly refocused when the words Crime Writers Association UK popped into my head”.

Mitchell promptly re-applied to the CWA citing he was to be published by Austin Macauley to which they insisted that “Austin Macauley doesn’t offer traditional publishing contracts. We can’t approve your membership.”

Mitchell fired back that if he could prove he had a traditional publishing contract, was his membership guaranteed?  He was greeted with silence. However, the CWA did ask him to submit his contract for vetting.

A day later the Secretary of the Crime Writers Association UK responded that she was most impressed to learn that Austin Macauley do offer traditional contracts and that Mitchell's membership to the CWA was now approved.

“I’ve been on cloud nine ever since. Now I get a chance to live my dream of being part of the CWA, mixing it with some of the greatest crime writers in the world and having an opportunity in the future to compete for a Dagger. And it’s all thanks to Austin Macauley”

Congratulations C T Mitchell!! We are incredibly happy and proud of your success and now to be working alongside you.

C T Mitchell's 'Breaking Point' will be coming to you soon.
“One dark secret. Five acts of revenge. The truth must come out!”
The residents of the Tweed Coast are nervous. For a decade, a serial killer has been active. The media is having a field day - they are striking fear with every headline. The killings are more frequent - five in the past eighteen months. There could be a link to similar murders in Sydney's notorious Kings Cross. All the victims are black. Is this a racial killing spree?
The Chief Superintendent wants answers. His lead officer Detective Sergeant Jack Creed is at a dead end. He's up to his armpits with a myriad of suspects including an ex-Army police officer, a drunken bar owner and an apathetic, aging team.
Enter the daughter of a respected, retired Detective but with no murder squad experience. Creed's reputation is on the line. He's desperate. What could she possibly offer?
The one vital clue detectives with 25+ years’ experience have missed. The missing link!
C T Mitchell provides twists and turns at every page in this police procedural thriller. You won't pick the ending!

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