E. R. Harding an author who doesn’t consider herself a writer

Manumission book cover

The international author of ‘Manumission’, E. R. Harding was interviewed by a website recently in which she expressed that even though she has written a novel she doesn’t feel like a writer, she said “I don't consider myself a writer, and I’m not sure I ever will”.

Her novel transports readers to a future where human beings are tracked with barcodes and wealth is counted by the amount of credits a person holds.

But the biggest and most enticing thing about this future is that technology has progressed enough to store a consciousness in a mainframe and transfer it into a bio-frame, essentially making human beings immortal.

Many groups of people are against the use of mainframe and all is not what it seems.

There are hidden truths behind the technology, as Gabriel ad Errik find out when they try to take the mainframe down.

Full of intrigue, action, and excitement the book gives a look at a future that doesn’t seem too distant. We can already see hints of the technology mentioned in the book.

A science fiction addict, the author is a keen reader. She has a passion for technology and has been telling stories to family and friends for years.

To the delight of readers, she finally decided to put those stories on paper.                  

Read the complete interview here: https://authorsinterviews.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/here-is-my-interview-with-er-harding/

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