Fiona J Roberts promotes her book 'Ebb and Flow' and discusses the process of becoming a writer

Fiona J Roberts promotes her book 'Ebb and Flow' and discusses the process of becoming a writer

Back in May, our author, Fiona J Roberts, was invited to Moordown Maiden's Women's Institute meeting to promote her book, 'Ebb and Flow' and read an exert of the novel.

Fiona discussed the process on which she takes to write a novel including research and basic principles. Once the novel has been written, Fiona explained on how she came to be published and how she uses social media to gain a following and readers for her book.


The talk was well received by the ladies of the WI and it has been reported on below in September's edition of the Dorset WI news.

If you are interest in Fiona attending an event including a WI meeting near you, please contact  Alternatively see Fiona’s upcoming events, visit our Events page or Facebook page for more details.


Julia is all too aware of her failings, unable to cook, nervous and tongue-tied at any social event, lacking confidence. Moving to a country cottage in a beautiful but isolated spot is just what she needs to lift her depression and with Mark, her loving husband, new friends and hobbies, life starts to look better.

But in a short time she's displaying a startling change of personality, criticising and belittling her new friends, shop-lifting, even giving in to violent tendencies. Is she bipolar, psychopathic or could her apparent addiction to the water from the old bore-hole in the garden be to blame?

Is there a connection to earlier inhabitants as far back as Victorian times or could there be a malign influence somewhere close by the cottage? Mark sets out to solve the mystery of his wife's strange behaviour in his own logical but unorthodox fashion, but his interference leads to an unexpected turn of events.


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