How to Best Help an Autism Mum – Featured in The Guardian

Cover of How to Best Help an Autism Mum

Author Sharon King is an advocate, a public speaker and above all, a mum. Through this book she hopes to provide solid, practical advice with regard to being a good friend, sister or mum to that special person in your life who has just received an autism diagnosis for their child.

The book is featured in an article published in The Gaurdian, November 18, which sheds light on life, as it changes rapidly when a child is diagnosed with autism. In the role of parents, we are shell-shocked, laid bare, unsure as to where our new circumstances will lead us. But with the right travelling companions, though, any journey becomes an adventure. The autobiography and memoir tends to leave you with an inspiration and a strength, to live life to its fullest no matter what are the consequences.

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