Ian Marsh, interviewed by St. Helen’s Star Newspaper for his second publication

Gemma Makes Her Mark book cover

Ian Marsh, was recently interviewed by St. Helen’s Star newspaper for his book, ‘Gemma Makes Her Mark’. The criminology professor teaches at the Liverpool Hope University.

The newspaper not only highlighted his work but also explained how author delves into murder mysteries, which was the theme of his previous book. The book, ‘Murderer: On Your Mark’, was published two years ago and the new read, ‘Gemma Makes Her Mark’, is the sequel to it. In the interview, the author described that it can be read as a standalone story as well.

The book continues the story of Mark, who is up for parole and meets a probation officer named Gemma. They get into a relationship and soon things take a turn for the worst as Gemma, has issues of her own to deal with. She tries to leave him but Mark, won’t let that happen.

His sociopathic tendencies make a comeback and all sorts of mischief ensues.

“It is about the unravelling of a couple of characters” said Ian. He further explained that “writing fiction involves just as much research [as other books] of a different sort”.

To read the complete interview click on the link: http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/15810101.Criminologist_publishes_second_murder_story/

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