Janice Condon does a book reading for Dr. Seuss Day

Janice Condon author

Author of ‘Lulu Meets the King of Poo’ visited the Vina School on Dr. Suess Day and read an excerpt from her book to the children. Janice Condon creatively presented all the scientific information about the digestive system in a relatable yet interesting manner.

Lulu is the main character of the story and she has a report to write for school. She is worried and anxious about and she falls asleep with an ache in her tummy.

She has an imaginative dream where she meets Emily Enzyme who takes her on a journey through her digestive system. She travels through the small intestine, large intestine and finally arrives at the colon where she is introduced to Benny Bifidus. He is the King of Poo.

After her adventure, Lulu wants to leave but she doesn’t know how. That is where she is helped by Stanley Stem Cell.

Thanks to Janice keen interest in nutrition and healthy eating, she has extensive knowledge about the internal systems of the body. From personal experience, she knows that gut issues can be the root cause of many other health problems.

She applied that knowledge in this entertaining book to spread information about the importance of elements present in the digestive system.

She lives in Chico, California with her husband.

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