Ken Knight talks about common sense and his book with CBC News

Ken Knight author

Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty’ took center stage when the author spoke to CBC News. Ken Knight participated in the radio interview and also contributed to the article on the topic of his book, which is very unique and strikes a chord in every reader, especially if they are parents.

The writer aims to give advice to young people, who are leaving their home to go off to college, or to discover the world on their own. He aimed the advice towards his daughters.

There are solid 100 tips in the book which the authors calls “common sense tips”, which every person should heed.

He goes into great detail of young life and gives candid advice on what to do in certain situations. The tips include information about what to eat when you have drunk too much at night or how one should go about decorating a dorm room to keep it functional.

The collection of tips is a great resource for anyone who is going to college for the first time and is about to discover the world on their own.

Ken is creative at heart and likes to express himself through writing. He makes a concentrated effort towards creating a piece of writing every year for his family on the holidays, either a rhyme or a story.

You can listen to his radio interview and read the article here:

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