Kristen Nairn Talks about Her ‘Secret Novel’ with The Scotsman Newspaper

Kirsten Nairn

Scientist by day and writer by night, Kirsten Nairn spoke with The Scotsman Newspaper about her love of writing and her first novel A Sorry Affair’.  In the interview she said that she likes to keep her passion for writing hidden.

The story of the novel revolves around Mack and Jen. A couple who is living their dream. They have recently gotten engaged. They have moved in together and begun their happy life. That is until Abbi shows up at their home.

She reveals some information that has devastating effects for the couple. Jen decides to leave and ends the relationship and Mack has to sell the house. He has nowhere to go and moves in with his mother and father. The move is not as smooth as he hopes, his father is angry with him as well.

He tries to get in touch with Jen but she wants nothing to do with him. Time passes and his life remains in shambles over a single mistake he made.

The characters demonstrate the joy of love and the excruciating pain of betrayal in this page turner.

On some bad advice, Kirsten decided to study science at Edinburgh University. She believes that she should have gone into Arts or English Studies. Her love for writing has always stayed with her and she has finally published her first book through Austin Macauley Publishers.

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