Liam Kelly’s Worried William gets covered by Belfast Live

 Liam Kelly

Belfast Live features a story on Liam Kelly, the author of children’s book, Worried William. The book has a special message for all the teachers, parents and the society in general that children suffer more than the elders realise.

While talking to Belfast Live, Liam, who is a teacher in Abu Dhabi, told that “the idea for the book came from my own childhood and how I faced some unseen worries and stresses while growing up”. He also told that some of the inspiration of the book came from the children whom I taught over the years, I came across some traits they currently possess and which I used to have as a kid.

He emphasizes that mostly grownups don’t admit when something is wrong with them and this is where the problem begins. In the book he portrays a young character, William, who admits about his condition and how he writes everything that’s going on his life. What makes him worry, relaxed, smile and enjoy.

William’s story explains how he felt stressed for the upcoming Halloween Disco, the anxiety of the school days and the nervousness around new friends. Filled with humour, feelings and hashtags, Worried William gives an insight into what actually makes the children stressed out.

The point around which the book pivots is that children sometimes suffer from their internal worries and stresses and this needs to be realised by the elders. Second book of the series, ‘Worrying William’ is to be released next year.

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