London’s Big Read Promotions to Feature ‘The Belt Boy’

The Belt Boy

Success brings to us unparalleled joy. It is in the moments of utmost triumph that we lose control of our emotions. The hard work, the history, the trials and tribulations, all come back in a rush and you can recall how every second of it was worth it. That was not the case with Kevin Lueshing, the author of ‘The Belt Boy’ though.

He had worked his whole life to become a boxing champion.





He didn’t remember any of it. He felt no triumph, standing there holding that belt.

All he could think of was the fear and anguish of his secret, a secret he had kept away for so many years. But in this rush of emotions, it all came flooding back.

The Belt Boy

Kevin has told his harrowing tale in his new novel titled ‘The Belt Boy’. The risk was great. If he were to publish his story, his legacy may get tarnished. But he knew that he had to tell it, to create awareness and to prevent others from suffering as he did.

The resulting story is heartbreaking.

The abuse he suffered as a child appalls anyone that reads the story. The honesty with which the story is laid down connects with readers everywhere.

Impact of the events in the book have already been felt by everyone who has read it.

Praise has come from corners of the literary world.

And now, ‘The Belt Boy’ is being honored as part of the London’s Big Read Promotions.

Big Read

London’s Big Read Promotions is a platform that provides opportunity for new authors. It showcases their book to an audience and gives them a chance to promote their stories.

Austin Macauley Publishers is proud of becoming a part of Kevin’s journey and getting his story to the people.

With enough votes, the book will make it to the next stage of the event and get the exposure that it deserves.

Everyone should support Kevin and his book and make sure that it makes it to the later stages of the promotion.

The Author

Mr. Lueshing was the IBO World Welterweight champion in 1996. He had successful career until he decided to hang up his gloves.

He later worked as a boxing agent and helped guide young fighters.

The trauma that he has suffered is now there for everyone else to learn from and it shows how great a champion Kevin actually was.

With such a heavy heart, he still managed to conquer and reach the pinnacle of boxing.

Mike Dunn has also lent his expertise for the book and brought this heart wrenching tale to life. He is the co-author of the book and has helped Kevin to tell his tale in a way that it connects with all readers.

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