Melanie Andrew’s new recipes are in the market

Melanie Andrew

Melanie Andrews comes up with another cook book to rock your taste buds, ‘Baking with Melanie Andrews’. Recently covered by Helensburgh Advertiser, the book contains her culinary experiences and kitchen tips. A master baker and a businesswoman, owner of Craigard Tearooms, has won the Scottish Gourmand World Cook Book Award.

Not only this, she was a runner-up in the World Cook Book Awards in 2015 for her mouth-watering recipes. Unable to hold herself back, she decided to write another cook book to see whether she did better in presenting an easy guide to successful baking or not.

The book emphasizes on the fact that you don’t need a whole lot of ingredients to come up with masterpieces and also that baking isn’t a difficult art, although it is definitely an art, as some people perceive it.

According to Melanie, “it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned baker or doing it for the first time, this easy to follow book will let you surprise your family and friends with taste and deliciousness”. The book contains a number of images baked by the author and the recipes are written in easy and understandable language, which makes this book a sure success.

Adding more, she is of the view that you don’t fail while baking if you have a right teacher and the recipe. The reason why Melanie is at the top of her trade is because she loves baking, not only that but her talent and her passion for cooking is what keeps her striving for more.

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