National Storytelling Week 2018

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The Society for Storytelling promotes the old tradition of storytelling. To this end, they help organize the National Storytelling Week in the region. The exercise is used to bring the current generations back to when storytelling was the mode of communication for delivering life experiences and sparking imagination. National Storytelling Week 2018 will start on 27th January and will last until 3rd February. There are also “coat tails” of 4 days before and after the dates.

How you can contribute to National Storytelling Week 2018?

Everyone has a story to tell and that is the spirit of National Storytelling Week.

This is exactly why there are no set events and schedule.

There are no “big name” speakers.

It is for everyone.

People of all ages.

Whether you are young or old, into dragons or folklore, you will be able to participate in or even organize an event of your own.

As the proponents of this week say ‘the web of stories will be spun with sufficient magic between the breathe of the teller and the ear of the listener’.

You can start your own event and get in touch with Society for Storytelling to be part of this magical movement.

National Storytelling Week 2018 Austin Macauley

"We chose the theme of children's tales as we've published a wealth of titles in the genre this past year, and National Storytelling Week is a perfect platform to showcase just some of them."

The History

The Society for Storytelling has been working on their mission for 24 years – the mission being the promotion of oral tradition of storytelling.

The National Storytelling Week was started in 2001 and has continued for 18 years now.

The SFS work with people around the region to promote efforts of keeping the tradition of narration and storytelling alive.

We have been part of the publishing industry since 2006. We have tried to promote storytellers from the UK, and around the world, and get their stories to the right listeners.

The National Storytelling Week is perfect for keeping the spirit of books alive in modern times.

We need to show new generation the magic of books and the value of old school storytelling and National Storytelling Week goes a long way towards doing that.

So find the perfect story to tell and find a spot nearby. It could be a school, a café, a library…let your imagination run wild.

Promote the event in your community and make sure that you have plenty of people attending.

You can also ask others to participate in the storytelling, this will make it more entertaining.

National Storytelling Week 2018 Austin Macauley

Don’t forget to get in touch with SFS to make the event officially part of the National Storytelling Week 2018.

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Happy Storytelling!

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