Book cover of Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights

 “An original take on a classic theme”, says the reviewer when talking about Leonard Durso’s book. The book was reviewed on the Midwest Book Review in January.

Ken Knight author

Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty’ took center stage when the author spoke to CBC News. Ken Knight participated in the radio interview and also contributed to the article on the topic of his book, which is very unique and strikes a chord in every reader, especially if they are parents.

Fiona at the library reading her book to her audience

A presentation on the extraordinary book ‘Did I Wake You, Pet?’ was given at the Chelmsford Library. The author Fiona Bowman was present at the event and discussed the topic of abuse and what it meant to be the main character of this book.

The book projects a light on the topic of female abuse and gives grueling details of what women endure in an abusive relationship.

The book cover of Sled Dog Gun

Sled Dog Gun: Aviemore Dreaming’ is a book based on author J. T. Bryde’s life as a Dogsled Racer. A character in his book was honored with a dedication on November 29, 2017.

Jim discovered his love for dogsledding early. Though, he gained experience of many different things before he got to it.

One year post with our books in the picture

As part of our international expansion and bringing success to authors worldwide, Austin Macauley Publishing opened its doors in United States of America on Jan 20, 2017.

Austin Macauley was founded in 2006 in London, England. The aim of the company was to be a forward-thinking independent publisher, which provides writers the opportunity to tell their stories and gain a footing in a very competitive industry.

Book Cover of Isabel

Frances Isaac’s book ‘Isabel’ has received a shining review. Continuing its great run the book is being well-received by readers.

With comments like “’Isabel’ is definitely an agent of political change”, it will surely remain a favorite in the genre.

The artistic cover of Azarias Tor: The History Maker

The BBC Radio interview of Richard Abbott-Brailey is now available as a Podcast and can be listened on iPlayer. In his interview on 14th January, he talked about his book ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’.

Simon Adepetun with the children at the school

The author Simon Adepetun visits Weaverham Forest Primary School in Weaverham, to the delight of the school children. He was there to talk about his book ‘The Bee Hive’. The children were excited to meet the author and asked him many questions about the book.

Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder book cover

There is an exciting competition on Primary Times for Lynda Ann Green’s book. The magazine is giving away 5 copies of ‘Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder’. A copy of the magic filled book could be yours if you enter the competition by answering a simple question.

The book cover of Lost Universe

“Sometimes it could be a fragment of a conversation that starts a story in my head”, said Keith Brandon in an interview to Indie Book Butler. The author of ‘Lost Universe’ speaks of his inspiration and thought process in the extended conversation.

Pictish-Mithraism: The Religious Purpose of the Pictish Symbol Stones book cover

Pictish-Mithraism: The Religious Purpose of the Pictish Symbol Stones’, written by Norman J. Penny, was the subject of a feature article on the Evening Express. The book sheds light on the mysterious Pictish Stones of Scotland.

Keith Bullock with his book

Keith Bullock and his book ‘The Winning Ticket’ continue to create a buzz. The Worchester News featured the author in an article recently. The article talks about some amazing circumstances and details from the author’s life.

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