Book cover for Rough Diamonds

The Historical fiction is all about the miseries of a family where Helen, a mother of two gets disappeared after an incident of domestic violence from her alcoholic husband, Jim. The real struggle begins when Jim gets killed and their 13 year old son, Bill has to look after himself but also his younger sister, Lizzie.

Face of Rough Music

If you seek thrill and suspense then Rough Music by Robin Driscoll is for you as it will give you one heck of a roller coaster ride through the sudden twists and turns in its plot.

About a Dog book by Richard Bloss

Richard’s book About a Dog’ was recently reviewed on a blog - Amelia in Hull. The book describes a vibrant story that is packed with the adventure of owning a dog. He has also written two more books and ‘About a Dog’ is his new departure. He also handles the PR for other authors and writes critical business articles.

The creative cover of My Imaginary Friends

The North Devon Gazette featured an article about the book 'My Imaginary Friends' by Sandra Everitt. She has written a phenomenal book that takes you to a magical world of childhood. The book describes the story of a kid whose loneliness mitigates soon after getting three imaginary friends.

Book cover of Haley-Ann The Alien

On 29th September, Brian Bird visited the children on the wards of Glan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales and donated a signed copy of his book 'Haley-Ann the Alien' to each child, thanks to the funds raised by the Laing O'Rourke Project Team.  No visit would be complete without a reading from his book to the children and nurses on the ward.

The face of When We Were Very Rich

The Article got published on Nepean News. The book revolves around a family saga rich in characters and backdrop, which will hook you from the first few lines. In the memoir, Isabel, eldest daughter of Sarah and Albert, lives a life of many riches; family togetherness, love, nature and freedom. Her life is poor in monetary value and lacking in belongings, but she experiences a childhood the sort that money is unable to buy. Surrounded by many siblings - her mother had 14 live births, all without any attention from a doctor or medical intervention, a valiant and strong mother she was.

Creative cover of Love YOU For YOU!

Precious Allen attended the charity event ‘Bra Drive’ on Friday 6th October, and promoted her book ‘Love YOU for YOU’. The event, which took place at Java Plus, 1677 Montgomery Drive, IL, 60504, was the perfect place to discuss her book and it's main theme - 'Making differences in others’ lives'.

Book cover of Treachery At Bosworth Field 1485

Harry was recently interviewed by Stoke Sentinel. His novel deals with the events which led to the monarch’s defeat and death at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Born in Staffordshire and spending some time growing up in West Yorkshire, the author had a very varied and interesting childhood. He had always had a keen interest in theatre and film and on leaving school worked for Moss Empires then went on to work for The J Arthur Rank Organization.

Purple Michaelmas's Cover Artwork

Patricia Hutson is basically a Psychic by profession. She’s spent her school time in India between the ages of seven to fourteen. After that she travelled to England and finished her education in Essex. She enjoys reading, writing, archaeology and solving mysteries with her husband.

The book cover of Twisted Wires

Sarina Wheatman is a qualified therapist, living and working in the South England. Apart from her profession she loves subject of recovery, mind complexities, travelling and exploring the world. If she was given the option to choose another career then she would love to be a geologist because she will get a chance to visit exotic places of the world and collect gemstones.

Artwork of Guardians or Demons

R.M. Rose was significantly bullied from 8th grade through her senior year in high school. Creating an alternate world helped her survive the suffering. You could say, the characters in Guardians or Demons became her imaginary best friends.

The cover of Lost Universe

Keith Brandon first dreamed of new worlds when he saw Star Wars back. Since then, even as a child, he has wanted to write his own stories.

With his debut novel, Lost Universe, which is the first in a series, he creates new creatures and worlds for others to explore.

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