Amy Stevens, wife of adventurer and author Austin Stevens, penned an article about her life and crazy adventures that she has had with her husband. She also mentions her husband’s book ‘Running Wild’, which is now out. The article appeared on Hawkesbury Herpetological Society’s Magazine recently.


An article on calls Katja Brown’s book compelling and accomplished novel. The article goes into detail of ‘The First Bride’ and praises the author’s writing style and the premise of the book.

The story takes readers to the home of infamous Count Dracula. Through the perspective of the countess, we learn how Dracula turned into something horrible and ultimately met his end.


In an online article on, ‘Love Letters in the Wall: Agape Edition’ took center stage. The article makes mention of the author and her labor of love that resulted in this beautiful poetry book. The author is an old fashioned person and she has brought her own heartbreak to the pages to help and empower others on the same journey. Her belief in old school romance stems from her parents. They have been married for 30 years and love each other unconditionally and give her hope.


Demetra Demi Gregorakis has written a wonderful poetry book ‘Love Letters in the Wall: Agape Edition’, which was recently featured on New Jersey News 12.

Demetra feels that technology in its many forms has turned our priorities upside down.

Looking around, one can see that text, emails, etc. have replaced real conversation and for a hopeless romantic this just won’t do.


A young fan of ‘The Einstein Code’ wrote a letter about the book. She addressed the author J. D. Welch and said that “I really enjoyed it [the book]”.                            

The 10-year-old went on to give a lovely and honest review of the book.


A review of Joseph J. Pitarella’s ‘The Hounds of Diana – The Romulus and Remus Trilogy – Part 1’ said that “[the book] was a good read, I couldn’t put it down.”

The author loves the roman history and in his publication, he brings us its history that not many people know.


World Book Day was recently celebrated in the UK. Different events and activities were part of the day. One of these activities was that children dressed up as their favorite character from books. One child dressed up as a character from ‘The Creeps’ by author Amy Beatson.

The kid was very impressed by the story of Eve, Eric and their friend Sam and decided to be one of them for the day.


Les Clarke has won the Geoffrey Whitworth three times for his plays. His debut novel ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’ is out and was recently featured on the Bournemouth Town Magazine.

The author had a conversation with the magazine and while talking about his inspiration for the book, he said “The inspiration came when I was fishing and hooked a bag from the bottom of the lake. It was heavy and my thoughts and imaginations were running riot.”

Sue Sibbons

Sue Sibbons’ book ‘The Alphabet Picnic’ was praised by The Duchess of Cambridge in a letter; The Gravesend Reporter featured the news in an article recently and spoke to the author regarding her book.

Carol L. Steingreaber

Carol L.Steingreaber’s book ‘Pants Optional’ is celebrating a special anniversary. It has now been on Amazon’s Top 100 list for 2 years!

Heather May-Warren

A review of ‘The Little Red Airplane’ appeared on Rachel Bustin’s Blog. The reviewer’s first impression was “The Little Red Airplane has a lovely smile with bright big eyes.”

One day on a picnic, Elly decides to explore and discovers something interesting. She finds a little toy airplane.

It looks very sad and it is broken. It needs a home and she gives him one. After taking it home, she gets the plane fixed up, painted and also gives it a name, Red.

Summer Brookes

The Evening Telegraph published an article about Summer Brookes and her first book ‘Ruby and Friends – Fun at the Fair’.

The article contained information about the author and the availability of the book in different online platforms and bookstores.

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