Richard Abbott-Brailey’s book makes an appearance in the Northern Insight

Azarias Tor: The History Maker book cover

Azarias Tor: The History Maker’ has received acclaim from many publications, most recently Richard Abbott-Brailey’s book was featured in Issue 33 of Northern Insight.

Time travel is phenomenon that everyone of has thought about but the author has explored it in a very unique way in his book.  

Most of us never pay attention to what effect our present will have on our future. Have you given a thought to the politician in your area, an artist or your neighbor regarding your future?

Unbeknown to you, one of them may be the reason you have to face dire consequences in your future.

Azarias is someone that sees these connections between past and future. He is on a mission to change the future for the better, so he travels to the past and then to the future to ensure that it is not destroyed.

In the process he suffers losses that are unbearable, yet he persists and continues his mission.

The article also highlighted the locations featured in the book, places the author has lived or visited.

Richard lives in Northumberland, which is also a part of his book. He was born in London but didn’t stay there for long. Watford is where he received his education.

He has a passion for writing and time travel, both of them combined to bring us this brilliant book.

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