Liquidity Book Cover

Liquidity is the story of a devastating quest for a truth shrouded in time and new technology. Rosco, being a father of two demanding daughters and married to a challenging woman is nevertheless exceedingly happy with his game. He had developed an early passion for writing but was not successful or satisfied for more than two decades due to ill fortune, economic contention and a lack of ambition. He then embarked on a torrid quest through the world's noble trades in an effort to find the one to which he was least suited. He found it in teaching.

Duncan McLeod wakes up in the morning to find one of the most beautiful girl he has ever come across inexplicably lying next to him. She is dead and her green eyes are lifeless. Duncan stares emptily into her eyes little knowing a deadly scramble of greed, oppression and exploitation has been unleashed upon him.

Its appearances are intoxicating, dark and deadly: an alluring police officer with a tongue like a razor blade; an enticing researcher with an explosive secret; a pair of pugnacious knights of the realm desperate to keep milking an ancient cash cow. In a devastating quest for a truth shrouded in time and new technology, who has most to lose?

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