Rotherham Life Magazine does a Feature on ‘The Devine Girls’

The Devine Girls book cover

Felicity Knight’s fourth novel ‘Devine Girls’ got featured in Rotherham Life Magazine in February.

She is a former teacher who specialized in English and History. She grew up in rural Worcestershire and now lives in South Yorkshire. Felicity is married, with two sons and a granddaughter. She has three novels already published in the genre of historical family sagas, which have been well received.

The story is about Piers Devine, Earl of Westborough, a veteran of World War 2, who is struggling after the war. The biggest problem he is dealing with is that he is finding it difficult to bond with his daughters Jane, Maudie and Scarlett - who were infants at the start of the war.

Rotherham Life Magazine feature

The girls desperately want his affections and his acknowledgement, which he fails to give. As they grow up in the rapidly changing world of the 1950s, they react to the lack of affection in very different ways. Jane becomes the rebel consistently in trouble; Maudie immerses herself in love of music and Scarlett tries to discover more about her father.

Felicity’s followers have been asking for this fourth book and she has come up with an excellent highly rated read.  

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