Sam Joyson-Cardy’s suspense thriller gets a four-star review on Goodreads

Breaking Point book cover

Sam Joyson-Cardy breaks all the barriers while creating this tense, action packed thriller full of suspense, which has resulted in making, Breaking Point, a great hit. For this specific reason, the book has managed to get a high four-star review on Goodreads.

What makes this book a special one is that Sam Joyson-Cardy doesn’t follow a set pattern and breaks the norm, while trusting his own abilities. It’s a view of the future where the advancement and developments are used for personal power. Michael Wolf is the main character, whose pleasures mostly come from cigarettes and alcohol.

These two things are enough for him, but suddenly he starts having strange dream-like experiences. Whose pierced blue eyes are those, which follow him? What is that glowing on the back of his hand? An unconventional consequence leads him to his past and a nightmare future.

An adventure full of suspense and unexpected events, where Big Brother has become a reality with serious consequences. Will Michael be able to hold on his current situation or fate will remove him off his feet and place him somewhere in the future or past?

He has to avert his own destruction and that of his family and friends. You won’t believe what happens event after event in this grabbing book of uncertainties.

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