Surrey University recognizes the achievements of Philip Jones by creating his alumni profile

A Peruvian Diary book cover

Philip Jones, the author of a travel tale by the name of ‘A Peruvian Diary’, gets recognized by Surrey University, through an alumni profile on their official blog. Being the alumni of this prestigious institution, he completed his LLB Law with Spanish Law in 2008.                       

According to the official sources of the University’s blog, the alumni profile is to recognize the achievements of our current and previous students who have done something substantial in any field of humanities, sports, science, IT, literary world or anywhere.

Adding more, the sources said that, “Our alumni community consists of composers, teachers, physicists, nurses, actors, writers, globe trotters, and everything in between!”

This travel tale sees Philip in the South American region, Peru to be precise, where he was expected to assist in the construction of a soup kitchen in a shanty town in Lima on the behalf of a charity. But he finds himself in a small village, building a Casa Hogar at 3700m in the Andes.

Philip’s description of his stay in Peru and the people he met in his travelling times gives us an exclusive insight into a world that is yet to be consumed by the 21st century. The book pretty much tells us about the old ways and traditions that are alive and practised on day to day basis.

What makes this memoir complete and enjoyable is the interesting way of conveying the message, combined with the witty comments and insights. The book has enclosed a lot more from the vault of history for its readers.

View the Alumni profile at:

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