Things you need to know about Halloween

Halloween 2017

The scariest, deadly and spooky night of the year is finally here. Halloween aka Allhalloween is celebrated in number of countries on 31st October. People wearing wicked costumes and pumpkin lanterns will be peering out from homes to celebrate this night.

The touch of modern twist has shaped this ancient tradition into a fun filled party night. Now it is getting hold in various countries across the globe such as UK, USA, Japan and Germany etc. In our article we have capsuled various fun facts along with Halloween history to make your night ghoulishly delightful.

Halloween History

The Halloween roots in old European traditions. It is widely believed that Halloween traditions were originated from the ancient Celtic harvest festival Samhain.

The Celts, who lived 2000 years ago, celebrated their new year on November 1. The day representing end of summer season and start of cold season was associated with human death. They used to believe that on New Year eve the doorways between the dead and the world of living are thrown open and ghosts of the dead return to Earth. That is why bonfire, costumes and animal sacrifices were used as a tool to ward off ghosts. The places where Celts were living are now known as Ireland, United Kingdom and northern France.   

In eight century November 1 was designated as a day to honour all saints. The evening was known as All Hallows Eve that was later changed into Halloween.

The practice of decorating “jack-o-lantern” was also initiated by ancient Irish people. In start turnips, potatoes or beets were used as an early canvas but eventually they were replaced with pumpkins.  

Halloween jack-o-lantern

Halloween Today

Today, Halloween can be considered as an occasion that has grown itself to millions. Every year the amount of money people spend on Halloween celebration is above par. The concept of Halloween also differs in various regions around the world. In Latin America and Mexico this day honours deceased loved ones and ancestors while some countries such as Canada, Ireland and United States take it as a celebration day to get down.   

Over the centuries, it has transitioned from a simple tradition to parties, costumes, candy sales and decorations etc. Now it is more about celebration rather than the fear of ghosts. But whether you like it or not, it has become integral part of culture in many countries.

The social media is also playing a vital role in promotion of this event. The Halloween holiday is getting popular among young adults from around the globe. So what are your plans for this Halloween? Have you decided your Halloween costume for this year? Share your thoughts…

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