Veronica Cook Features on Kent Online

Veronica Cook Features on Kent Online

In 'Veronica, Hidden Harm', Veronica Cook writes a biographical account of the difficulties of life growing up with parents who are drug addicts. The story is harrowing and upsetting at times but ultimately incredibly rewarding and an inspiration to others who may find themselves in Veronica's situation. 

Kent Online featured Veronica; here is an extract from the article:

After surviving a traumatic upbringing with drug addict parents, Veronica Cook has written a book about her experiences.

Veronica, Hidden Harm retells her story in the hope it will inspire and help others in similar situations.

She was inspired to write after the death of her mum from liver cancer in 2012, caused by Hepatitis C which she contracted through her heroin addiction. The book is also dedicated to her.


To read the full article, follow the link below.

(Photo credit: Kent Online) 

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