Winners of Our Fairytale Day Competition!

Fairytale Day Competition

We ran a Fairytale Day competition called “Once upon a time” and we received many entries for it and we revealed the winners of the competition on February 28.

Three winners were chosen, one from Instagram, one from Twitter and one from Facebook. We also added another story for sheer creativity. Congratulations to all the winners once again, please read and feel the magic of each story below:


A bound Saviour by Maria (Instagram@mariavampiremaz)

Once upon a time a magical being entered another world and made grave mistakes. 
His only hope was her, his daughter who he would leave too soon. She smiled up at him with her forest green eyes as he sighed and bestowed upon her an enchanted tear, which could one day restore him. Bravely he called upon the sprites and flew away, never to return until the time was right. He didn’t dare look back as his heart couldn’t bear to leave her.

As his final gift he whispered her name and let the wind carry it to her. “Sanda”.


Just in Time, Harry! By Glowstone Adventures (Twitter)

Once upon a time there was a little prince called Harry. He lived with the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Time at the centre of the universe.

The King and Queen were worried. They were responsible for keeping the universe clock ticking. Without them, time and life everywhere would end.

They were both 10,000 years old and needed Prince Harry to marry and take charge.

Then one magical day, there came a red car from planet Earth, carrying a beautiful bride called Meghan. Harry was in love and the universe lived happily ever after!


The Sleeping Talent by Aurelie Busollo (Facebook)

Once upon a time there was an aspiring writer dreaming about being noticed! Trapped within a dusty attic studio by her conservative ancestors she was on the verge of THE eternal sleep…

Unexpectedly, she spotted an Instagra-magical post! The promise of an adventure more exhilarating than a gala ball, more challenging than a dragon combat and more trustworthy than a knight in shining armor…

May the fairies cast their spell above my (book) cradle for my manuscript to be shortly appearing on your Kindle! Thank you #Austinmacauley for this #Onceuponcompetition to make my own fiction come true happily ever after...


Happy End by @cool_deep_pop10e (Instagram)

Once upon a time
Far far away
Where wind doesn't chime
And sun doesn't ray

A girl lived alone
In a dark forest
She used to mourn
Cause she hadn't any friend best

Once there came a boy 
Who too wanted a companion
Who was in search of joy
With whom he will run

Walking for hours
He met the girl
She gave him flowers
And he gave her a pearl

They liked each other
She became his friend
He became her lover
In the happy end

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