Raymond Davies

Children are aptly entertained by ‘Jimmy the House Spider’, while they get a lot of useful information from it as well. Raymond Davies’ book is a perfect read for young readers.

Evan Bloom

They Said I Was Misguided’ author Evan Bloom participated in a discussion about homosexuality on The Jewish Views Radio Station. In the most recent episode of the show, the international author was invited to speak about his book that deals with this issue head on.

Kirsten Nairn

Scientist by day and writer by night, Kirsten Nairn spoke with The Scotsman Newspaper about her love of writing and her first novel A Sorry Affair’.  In the interview she said that she likes to keep her passion for writing hidden.

Kirsten Nairn

Kirsten Nairns book 'A Sorry Affair' was recently reviewed by With Love for Books Blog. The novel received praise for the story and the depth of the characters. “She [the author] makes sure her readers have the chance to get to know her main characters through and through.” Said the reviewer when talking about the character development in the story.

The Dennis Bisskit Adventures book cover

The Dennis Bisskit Adventures’ was reviewed on the Leonard Tillerman’s Blog recently. The review said “when something comes along that transports us back into an age which is characterized by different priorities and needs, it is like a breath of fresh air.  That is exactly what Stephen Ainley does in his novel”.

Stephen Ainley

Stephen Ainley answered some interesting questions and goes into interesting details about his life in an interview with the Globeflower blog. He penned the humorous book ‘The Dennis Bisskit Adventures’, published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

The protagonist of the story is Dennis Bisskit, who is kind-hearted and is ready for any sort of adventures.

Precious Allen

The author of ‘Love YOU for YOU!’ was interviewed on Wit from Whitt Radio recently. She spoke about her career as a Reading Specialist and her brilliant book.

Precious Allen’s book carries a beautiful message for children, parents and adults.

Bella the Bee book cover

An article in the West Sussex County Times takes a look at Phil Clarkson’s book ‘Bella the Bee’. In it, the newspaper has admired the unique theme of the book.

The book introduces children to Bella. She is a bee who is having a tough time in her life.

The Creeps book cover

Amy Beatson and her book ‘The Creeps’ were featured in an article that appeared in the Linlithgow Gazette. The article mentioned details about the book and author’s life.

The book explores folklores and old stories. The main characters in the story are three children, Eve, Eric and Sam.

Malcolm Lloyd Dubber author

The author of romance novel ‘Return To Malta’ visited the Bedwas Library recently for a book signing event. Malcolm Lloyd Dubber spent the morning meeting his fans and signing their copies of the book.


“The story was very sweet, and there were a lot of facts included in this fictional tale” said the review of ‘Jimmy The (House) Spider’ by Raymond Davies.

Idea for this Children’s book came about because the author wanted to teach his children and grandchildren about creatures that share their environment. He wanted them to learn how to respect them.

Rebecca Wigston at the Cogenhoe Primary School

Rebecca Wigston, the author of ‘Tommy Wallis, The Knight of the Hollows’ visited the Cogenhoe Primary School, York Ave in Northampton.

She spoke to the children about the adventures of Tommy and distributed copies of her book.

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