Cover of A Timely Dream

Fleur Lind has sent in a short story that was inspired by a Daily News story, about Warwick's abandoned shopping trolleys. She describes the life of a shopping trolley and how each day passes by in its life. The things it has to go through and how it assists us in our shopping experience. The difficulties and joyous moments in their life.

The face of 'Treachery at Bosworth Field 1485'

Harry was recently interviewed by Richard Ault from the Stoke Sentinel and has been featured in The Cheadle and Tean Times. Born in Staffordshire and spending some time growing up in West Yorkshire, the author had a very varied and interesting childhood. He had always had a keen interest in theatre and film and on leaving school worked for Moss Empires then went on to work for The J Arthur Rank Organization.

Image of Tempting The Temp's cover

The book launch took place at Penola Library that went very well, there were huge number of attendees who enjoyed the evening. The feedback from the event has been incredibly humbling and uplifting for the author. Apart from being an excellent author, Ann's adventurous life includes: cooking for shearers, training racehorses with husband Philip and working for two decades in the vineyard industry.

Cover of 'The Spirit Within The Wind'

Ivor Jones trained as a highway engineer before joining Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth on a flying course. After the Navy, he worked as a photographer before retiring to Somerset. Writing interests included submissions to ‘Week Ending', ‘News Huddlines', and local newspapers. He has also produced original material for a group of visually-impaired actors as well.

Artwork of the College Girls

College Girls gets featured in Donegal Now as Coyle lets out the story that has been in her head for 30 years. The story holds the lives of three women; Cathy, Ethna and Meave living in Dublin during the ’70s. Cathy is nineteen and is crazy for action; she compares leaving boarding school with the feeling of leaving prison!

The book cover of 'In Digital Pursuit'

David McCaddon is an IT systems consultant who has worked in computing for over 46 years and has spent the past 34 years specialising in Law Enforcement Computer Systems Development. His investigative systems experience has seen him working with police forces worldwide in the design and development of major incident and analysis systems.

And the winner is...

If you cast your minds back to the beginning of August, we held a competition for one lucky person to win a Traditional Publishing contract with us here at Austin Macauley. 


Well congratulations to BEN CHAMBERS who wins a contract to the value of £10,000. This includes editing, proof reading, a full review, design and marketing of the book. 


Ben, who is 23 years old and living in Auckland, New Zealand says

Carol Steingreaber book reading and signings for Pants Optional

Carol Lynne Steingreaber graduated with double majors in English Literature and Writing, proclaiming on her graduation day, "Someday I will write a book!" She worked as a correspondent, proofreader and copywriter before starting her tenure as a stay-at-home mom.

Book Review by Jess Smith of Leaves in a Holocaust Wind

Robert Dawson became a journalist and crime, police specialist. Later, he retrained as a teacher, retiring as a head. Since then he has written full time and is an acknowledged authority on British Romanies.

The artwork of 'A Las Vegas Affair'

Noel and Brea meet at university and fall in love, despite their very different backgrounds. From the start, Noel has no doubt that he will marry Brea. His mother, however, has other plans. She's chosen a well-connected future wife for him and is determined to separate him from Brea. Despite her opposition, they set up home and create a life together.

Karen David visit to Waterstones Enfield

The British husband and wife team, calling themselves Karen David, believe strongly that people are far too busy in their manic modern lives to find time to sit down with their family and enjoy a traditional fantasy story. Karen is a housewife, who has suffered with a crippling form of Lupus. She has been able to put her heart and soul into the book allowing her to forget about her Lupus and coming to terms with the tragic passing of their dog and dear close friend.

Blog by John Hill on his book Time Lines And Fault Lines

John Hill writes a blog about his autobiographic book. The author, graduating as a geologist witnessed "winds of change" in the Solomon Islands and Malaya. Transferring to Australia, he worked for several companies during the halcyon post WWII reconstruction decades. This book records issues prior to the ‘low dishonest decade’ of the 1930s when Europe sleepwalked its way to war.

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