UK’s Wolverhampton Magazine features a story on Robert J Marsters

The Bane of Karrak

UK’s monthly Wolverhampton magazine features Robert J Marster’s fantasy tale, The Bane of Karrak. This novel followed the success of Robert’s first quest of the series, The Ascension of Karrak. He garnered five-star reviews on Amazon for the first part of the series and has high hopes for the sequel.

Born in West Bromwich, UK, Robert grew in a family where expensive toys could not be afforded and hence they were replaced by books. This resulted the start of his love affair with the books and the literary world. He was quite impressed by science fiction and fantasy, so he took to these genres from the early years. ‘Tolkien’ was the result of this early influence.

The Bane of Karrak is all about the search of a sorcerer, Karrak. A malicious tyrant who keeps on growing his powers with the passage of time and has evil intentions of getting control of the entire world. With powers increasing and no one stopping him, the sorcerer seems to be an unstoppable force.

His location is quite hard to track, which makes him even more dangerous and only the ones who are interested in following his insane ideals can find him. Time is ticking fast and someone has to get a hold of this evil to diminish the fears of being oppressed. But who will find him? Who has the courage to stand in his way?

That’s what you need to find out.

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