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Double Trouble

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In culinary terms, this book is a dessert, one of those light, savoury ones that leave you wanting more.
Among the ingredients are the following:
A balding, middle-aged job-seeker who makes a startling discovery.
Two giant pharmaceutical companies competing for the fruits of that discovery, careless of the methods used to gain their ends.
Two young, nubile, identical twins, 'Aunt' and 'Bunt' - ' Good thing the woman didny have triplets.'
A momentous family secret taken to the grave by the last of the male line of the House of Scrimgeour - or was it?

The Witch of Bellue

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Morell, the Holy Man rises from the sea injuring his foot in the process. The event is witnessed by a simple fisherman, Gerharst. Such a man, an emissary of Namier, must be taken to the Fort village of Bellue, where Morell hopes to be provided for into his old age. Morell consults a village Healer about his injured foot, but does not anticipate her local knowledge. Afraid of what she knows, he uses his position to brand her a Witch. But Morell does not bargain for the Witch's daughter's gaze to fall upon him.

Poems for the Common Man

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Have you ever needed to laugh, cry, sigh or nod your head but life places obstacles preventing your indulgence in these simple expressions?
Well, read and laugh out loud or give a little chuckle. Scream or let the tears roll down your face; sigh or bury your head in the pillow; nod or shake your head so hard it hurts.
Indulge your feelings through these pages and whenever you need to express just one more time read another poem.

The World at a Crossroads

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The world is at a social and moral crossroads. The wealthiest eighty-five people in the world possess more than the three billion poorest people on the planet. Growing inequality coupled with the breakdown of nation states, the menace of terrorism, sectarian violence, religious intolerance and a massive increase in migration pose a major threat to world stability and peace.

The Unexpected Homecoming: A Diasporan Journey of Hope Against All Odds

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Set in three countries and across two continents, The Unexpected Homecoming narrates how Jean Pierre Elonga took a risk and fought several battles to follow his dream. Hear about what it's like to be an immigrant, to make sacrifices, to deal with financial strains, to leave your family behind, to be a supply teacher and a hard working parent but despite all of this, still aim to succeed!


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To an outsider, Sophie Roberts seems to be living the dream expat life in Dubai: a beautiful home, charming husband and a glamorous magazine job. Her true daily existence tells another story; that of a cheating partner and an unfulfilling career in the gilded desert cage. When Sophie meets her mysterious and beautiful neighbour she is taken on a thrilling journey of self-knowledge. What then, should she do with her new-found desire for Jason Knight, a married schoolteacher? Sophie's life is about to change, but not before lust, love, dark secrets and even murder all come to play a part.


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Annie, an attractive, outgoing woman and never short of romance in her life believes she can find true love one day. Her two daughters, Belle and Britney fathered by different partners are the ones who give her strength. After bad news of her father's health, she finds comfort with Shinda, a tall dark handsome man who she has seen before in the past. Her feelings for him are strong and uncontrollable. When she believes she is finally happy, she receives some bad news, the lack of support from Shinda makes Annie question their secretive relationship.

Aurora, Me and Sardinia

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Newcomers to Sardinia in 2005, Terry Dillon and his wife Aurora were captivated by an island of long sandy beaches and sunshine. Once holiday-makers living in agriturismo, they decided to buy a house. After much searching they settled for a property in the North Western corner of the island just north of Sassari and Alghero and west of Porto Torres, within sight of the sea ... and so began their fascinating and challenging ten years on one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful islands.

From Fat to Fantastic

‘From Fat to Fantastic' isn't an ordinary weight-loss and exercise manual. This book is a no-nonsense, straight-talking account of how one man has made a dramatic change in how he looks, feels and now lives his life after losing weight, getting fit and improving his health and well-being.