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I'll Blame It On The Wind

Mathew Colbert was brought up in post war New Zealand as the only child of a middle income family, and was encouraged to lead a life that included plenty of sunshine, swimming and sport.

However, at twelve years of age his innocence was shattered, as the combination of his athletic young body and mop of blond hair caught the attention of some unsavoury individuals. Contrived blackmail guaranteed his life plunged into the depths of depravity, as he was subjected at times to horrific sexual and physical abuse, mainly at the hands of a paedophile ring with links to Satanism.

Domestic Years, Tears And Fears - Part One

This book is written from the heart and will give hope to the many victims of domestic violence and mental abuse. The author is someone who has actually gone through it herself, and understands the range of emotions involved and the process that has to happen before someone gets the strength to break the pattern.

With gentle encouragement and wise words, hopefully this book will provide the final confirmation that it is all right to leave and start to build a new life and that victims of this dreadful crime are not to blame and they do deserve happiness.

Capture by Somali Pirates & Other Events at Sea 1954-2010

Having spent a lifetime at sea, and despite his plans to retire on more than one occasion, late in 2007 Colin Darch with a small crew undertook delivery of a new tug from St Petersburg to Singapore, a journey which should have taken ten to twelve weeks.

On the first of February 2008, they were captured by Somali Pirates.

This book not only tells the story of that incident and his subsequent release, but also many of Colin's other adventures during his life spent travelling the world.

Does It Hurt To Die

Christian de Villiers is about to embark on the journey of his life. A South African who moved to Australia with his mother when he was four, nineteen-year-old Christian doesn't feel that he can move on and progress with the next stage of his life until he has found the answers to the mystery surrounding his father's death.

With the support of his father's old friend Mike, Christian feels that he is coming closer to understanding his father, the surgeon, but are the secrets hidden for a reason and will those secrets threaten Christian's safety?

Top Dog!

TOP DOG is a collection of bright new songs for children, which will invite and encourage them to delight in singing, wherever they are: at home or travelling, at camp or in the classroom. Children love the way these songs appeal to their own close concerns, both the everyday and the imaginative ones.

This book is also an engaging source for everyone concerned with the musical development of children. Part of this development involves being able to listen to one another and to oneself. The TOP DOG songs encourage this, with alternating parts, solos, echo responses and more.

Rising To The Surface

Following the death of her youngest son in a motorbike accident, Maria is cast into a dark featureless world where familiar and established boundaries have been wiped out. With no experience of such tragedy and no coping mechanisms to draw strength from, she is totally adrift and overwhelmed by an all-pervading sense of fear.

Although life will never be the same again, the story is of Maria's path back into the half-light as she reflects back over time and tries to steady herself.

The Adventures Of Itchy, Scratchy And Fleabag

Itchy, Scratchy and Fleabag are three very naughty little hedgehogs who manage to get into lots of trouble with lots of adventures along with their little human friends Bonnie and Jack.

Escaping from raging rivers, exploring deep, dark tunnels, saving their woodland friends from danger, and flying from the top of the biggest tree in the woods, the three little hedgehogs and Bonnie and Jack also manage to rescue a lost baby and enjoy a ‘mystery' singalong.