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Take a Moment

"As I sit at the window, I remind myself that God sees every sparrow that falls. I find it amazing that the creator of the world is aware of what happens to even the smallest of His creatures."
In Take a Moment, Joan Crory uses poetry, prose and passages from the Bible to encourage the reader to appreciate the everyday beauty surrounding them.
She wants to encourage the reader to look for God in every situation and circumstance of life, happy or sad, and thereby discover a new outlook on life.

Who Dares

Ray Mathews set out at the age of 71 to run the Rowbotham Round Rotherham International 50-mile foot race (RRR) which attracts well over 350 athletes each year. Extraordinary enough at that age, you might think. But on the 30th anniversary of the event, Ray's plan was to run three times the distance, with the actual race sandwiched between the first and last legs.

All Together Now... We Love The Beatles 1957 - 1970

Did you know that ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds' was inspired by little Julian Lennon's painting of 4 year old Lucy O'Donnell, who sat beside him in school, not about drugs?
This book tells the story of The Beatles from their coming together as young teenagers in Liverpool in 1957 to their traumatic break up in April 1970. Each chapter covers a year in the life of the group, followed by the music, mini biographies and locations of people and places relevant to the band in that particular year.

The Dragon Society

As a porter in a London hospital, Dr Steven Attah wonders whether moving his young family from Nigeria to the UK was a good decision. When his friends introduce him to the mysterious and powerful Dragon Society, the answer seems to be yes as success and wealth flows to his family. But, when disaster strikes, he discovers the true cost of membership of the society.


Christopher McDaniel - just an ordinary twelve-year-old boy walking home after school. What happens next makes Cody Phillips' Mindflower a very tough read, because with tendrils snaking throughout the upper echelons of American society a dark secret perpetuates a repeated and heinous crime.
For Paula McDaniel, that day alters her life irrevocably, threatening to drag her towards a dramatic and harrowing conclusion.


Ann Quinn's debut collection of poems is a heartfelt, emotional and personal work which covers a wide range of subjects. Ranging from light-hearted and funny to beautiful odes to nature and debates about the nature of the soul and man's relationship with the divine, Monopoems displays an immense variety of experience and observation. An ideal gift for lovers of new poetry.

When Will We Ever Learn

When Will We Ever Learn

"I watched your body disintegrate, acid soaked, radiated, burnt in horror..."
In When Will We Ever Learn? Nick Matthews uses vivid, brutal imagery to remind us of the horrors of the Great War.
This is then contrasted with the beauty of the Somme today; "Wide pastures drift in greens and touch / of breeze across the fertile landscape / that here, just now, keeps all of us / quite free and total mellow," he writes in What I Feel.

The Beltane

The Beltane

A number of Irishmen who fought alongside Oliver Cromwell acquired land from the slain Magennis brothers in 1649 after the battle of Clonmel, in which Cromwell had sought to destroy the Irish who had been loyal to the beheaded King Charles I. Before Conor Magennis was executed he put a curse on the Irishmen who had benefited from the land of the Magennis clan.