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Get Rich Through Real Estate Without Using Money

Get Rich Through Real Estate Without Using Money

Property and stock investment guru and author of "Get Rich by Real Estate Despite Having Not a Single Baht," Pichai Chawla, puts forth his modus operandi on how to make even your wildest dreams of wealth come true.

In "Get Rich Through Real Estate Without Money," Pichai Chawla shares with us his vast experience and expertise, by opening our eyes to the possibility that owning real estate really is possible, even for those of limited means, by clearly explaining how, with a desire to succeed, one can best create opportunities that can bring about untold wealth.

Mixed Picture

Mixed Picture by Tom Rubens

This is a novel of many elements and themes: Ignorance and knowledge; sexual lust and love; conditions of political safety and of danger; the need for culture and the need to escape personal loneliness; the complexity of philosophical ideas and also of personal sensibilities. Though the setting is over 40 years ago, the book conveys the kinds of inspiration, difficulty and dilemma which are still germane to the experience of intelligent young people in modern English society.

Chilly goes to Australia

Chilly goes to Australia by Michael Rosenberg

Chilly the intrepid toy polar bear is always getting into trouble whenever he travels with Douglas who looks after him. Somehow he seems to get separated from his family and encounters many adventures before he finds himself reunited again. Previously he has been on a safari in Africa and was rescued by a friendly elephant after falling out of the truck . Then he went to Hong Kong and fell off the ferry into a fishing boat and ended up in Beijing in china. Now he finds himself captured by some Australian dingoes and carried off to their camp.

Op Daisy T

Op Daisy T by Nicholas M. Romano

In this, the third novel from Nicholas Romano, the author sneaks us into the front room of a prominent politician. Through the eyes of Dino, Romano combines his obvious love of philosophy with the history of the 1980s to create an interesting insight into one of the most controversial handbag-wielding British Prime Ministers. Whether you love her or hate her, agree or disagree with her ideals, you cannot deny she made a global impact. Come and have a cuppa with Dino, Sophie and Ms T and join in their thought-provoking discussion of world events.

Life Unleashed

Life Unleashed by Osazee Williams Omoregie

In Life Unleashed Osazee Will Omoregie offers the reader another take on the roles that faith and positive values can play in the formation of a successful life. A life journey, lasting a lifetime, although shaped in part by circumstance can nevertheless be improved by the adoption of strategies designed to lock the reader into a pathway of success. Omeregie designs a life-plan consisting of twenty steps each included to focus the individual on the ingredients that make the future something that will hold no regret.

The Memory Carriers

The Memory Carriers by Mike Nelson

Eleven-year-old Sean Robinson furiously cycled his Raleigh racing bike on a hot summer's day in the direction of Old Mill Lane. Sweat poured down his face as he reached the lane that held a strange and chilling fascination for the young boy. Did he really see a ghostly figure of a young girl in the old mill house? Twenty-five years later the same Sean Robinson, a Metropolitan Police detective in hospital with a mystery stomach complaint, is still troubled by nightmares featuring that ghostly young girl.

The Demon Within

The Demon Within by Byron Nadgie

The Dark Demonic Lord begins his conquest of humanity, using a young human boy of magical but cursed Erlom legacy, and strange human clones who are commanded to create destruction in a Kingdom divided. It becomes clear that the Erlom boy and his mother, Mauread, are inexplicably linked to the Dark Lord. Magic has a mind of its own, its own consciousness, seeking to possess those who it inhabits. Magic is utilised by those who know how, in the form of priceless and powerful orbs. Can the distrusted Priesthood unite with the Knights of the Tanla'ar to take on the new dark magical threat?

The Nutters

The Nutters by Kate Starmer

Take a medically retired copper put out of action by a killer clown, add his eager but easily distracted wife, sprinkle in small town jealousies, secret pasts, blackmail, unrequited love and top off with a lot of food, wine, tea and cakes and Albert and Rose Nutter's first case as private detectives is all set to be a twisting, turning, calorie-filled adventure.

The Mists of Afar

The Mists of Afar

We give you the sequel to Lavender Village as promised. The Mists of Afar contains a surprise twist - it follows the turbulent journey of Felania, formerly the Mistress-of-the-Keys in The Kingdom of Beyond. Those of you who have read Lavender Village will remember it well. Felania is at present befallen and bereft: she has been expelled from the glorious realm she called home for many a year.