It was during an October half-term break that I finally decided to put my feelings into a book. To be honest, I started writing thisbook to help people understand what it is like to worry and how it feels to carry this weight on a daily basis.Throughout my life, I always wanted to be confident and often seen myself as the worrier of the group.As a teacher, I fully understand the worries of a child and often put myself in their shoes to fully appreciate what they are thinking.Quite often, I will have flash backs and how I felt when I was younger.After writing this book, I moved to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to teach. For the first time in my life, I fully understand themeaning of my life and my role to help others.The journey that started when I typed the initial words of this book, ‘To be honest’ to the last email from the publisher to say that thebook was complete, was an amazing journey that has transformed my life.I grew up in a small rural area called Moneyglass in Northern Ireland. Iloved my life in the country and it always was a place where I could thinkand plan my thoughts. From a young age, I worried about what life wouldmean for me and how others would perceive me.It is my hope, that this book acts as a window to show people thecomplexities of what it is like to have daily worries through the mind ofa child.Throughout my life, my mother, Margaret, has always believed in me and Ican’t thank her enough. No matter what I did, or what I did wrong, she wasalways there to tell me that everything would be alright in the morning.

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Worried William


Nine year old William admits that he is a worrier – but by writing down everything that happens in his life, we get a candid glimpse into how he thinks and feels. Worried William documents his life over a short period as he shares what makes him stressed, what makes him worry, and ultimately what makes him smile. From school day angst to the upcoming Halloween Disco and his nervousness around new friend Katy, we learn what’s important to him and why. Injected with feeling, humour...

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 Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly’s Worried William gets covered by Belfast Live

Belfast Live features a story on Liam Kelly, the author of children’s book,

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