Robert J. Marsters

Robert J.

Robert J. Marsters was raised and still lives in ‘The Black Country' in the West Midlands of the UK. Taught that hard work is the only way to live, Robert made a career in the retail furniture trade, working his way up from warehouseman to store manager. In 2014, his life took a drastic turn when his wife was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. He began to ponder the many hours wasted when, on public holidays or at weekends, he was working, leaving his wife to fill her time visiting with family or meeting friends, by herself. Always a keen reader, fascinated by fantasy and science fiction, he imagined how wonderful it would be if, when faced with adversity, one could simply wave a magic wand and make it all better. Create a new world: two moons and a pink sky. Why not? This world is his first creation... enjoy.

Author's books

The Bane of Karrak - Ascension Two of three


An ominous sense of dread has descended upon the lands that surround the Kingdom of Borell. The very air seems heavier and a permanent gloom has begun to block out the sun, allowing malevolent creatures to roam unchallenged.Once merely a malicious tyrant with limited magical skills, the sorcerer Karrak is at large. His power has now reached a point that makes him appear unstoppable. Those who would stand in his way are finding their goals more difficult, for his location is known only to those...
The Ascension of Karrak
Robert J. 


As the clouds above darken, the world is on the brink of being torn apart by the sinister and sadistic Karrak Dunbar, who, by cruel fate, is second in line to the throne of Borell.With each passing day Karrak's strength grows as he relentlessly pursues an ancient artefact known as The Elixian Soul, an artefact said in lore to have the power to increase black magic tenfold, the power of which could ultimately render him unstoppable.Only Karrak's older brother Jared stands in his way.He strives...

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The Bane of Karrak

UK’s Wolverhampton Magazine features a story on Robert J Masters

UK’s monthly Wolverhampton magazine features Robert J Master’s fantasy tale,

the book covers

Robert J. Marsters appears at a two-day Christmas Gift Fayre

Robert J. Marsters, with his ever so inspiring energy attended the event at Himley Hall, Dudley, a beautiful 17th Century Grade II building set in lush green parkland.

Robert Marsters alongside a Viking

Robert Marsters attends Middle Earth Festival, Birmingham 2017

Birmingham’s much-missed Middle Earth Festival – a celebration of iconic author JRR Tolkien’s Birmingham heritage – has returned this year.

Author Robert J. Marsters at the Llangollen Faery Festival

Author Robert J. Marsters at the Llangollen Faery Festival

Author of 'The Ascension of Karrak', Robert J. Marsters, recently attended the Llangollen Faerie Festival.

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