Heather Mirich


Heather lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Kyle and three children, Ashley, Jaden, and step-son Nico.  She has always loved the magic of Christmas stories. She wrote this book based on an actual event of when her son, Jaden, did indeed find the letter Santa wrote him saved on the home computer. The best explanation she could come up with was the one you will read about in the SSSH: Secret Society of Santa’s Helpers. I hope this book brings young readers and parents alike as much joy as it has brought to her own children.

Author's books

SSSH: The Secret Society of Santa’s Helpers


In the real world nothing exciting ever happened to nine-year-old Jaden. Jaden was a gamer and a dreamer. Reality just couldn’t compete with the imaginary world of his favorite video game, Minecraft. That is, until one night, Jaden found a letter that made him question the existence of Santa Claus. He knew in his heart Santa was real and there had to be an explanation. Jaden was determined to learn the truth! Jaden’s imagination took him on an adventure he never expected. On...

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