Q&A with Jillian Manning - Contributing Editor for 'Independent Publisher'

We recently caught up with the lovely Jillian Manning for a quick Q&A about the fabulous world of book publishing.

Lee Kenneth Prior Discusses All Things 'Bookish'

Lee Kenneth Prior discusses all things 'bookish'

The Truth Behind the Lies – The SFWA

The Truth Behind the Lies – The SFWA

Feeding Cats and Writing - A Guest Post From Sharon Cracknell

"Your Mum is not well at all...she is having an emergency brain scan".  This was the email my Dad had sent to me desperately trying to get in touch with me.  I was oblivious and happily t

Books vs. Movies

The timeless art of literature battles against the arguably unmatched cinematic experience. A battle of the ages lies between the discussion between books and movies. Which truly is better?

The Sicilian Favour!

Useful Tips and Advice from Peter Oredsson, author of 'The Sicilian Favour!', for Aspiring Authors. 

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Is this the same as Vanity Publishing?

We are Feeling the Love
Read what the authors of Austin Macauley have to say about the publisher they believe in.
Some Hard Truths About Being An Author
Some Hard Truths About Being An Author
5 Minutes with William P. Thomson - National Sci-Fi Day

In 'Prometheus Ascending', London based author William P.

The Star Wars Phenomenon

"Science is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth." - Jules Verne

Top Tips for budding authors - Austin Macauley

1. Remember to practice patience and perseverance. While it’s important to ‘dream big’, it’s also important to remain as realistic as possible and remember you share your

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